Avatar for the Boyfriend


Happy Labour Day! Erm…not talking about the movie “Avatar” here definitely..he he he… If you landed in my blog before, you’d probably noticed that there’s lotsa penguins all over. He he he…mainly because I am widely known as “happie feet”. Friends said that I walked like a Penguin… Do I?? While blogging about his business trip to Hiroshima, suddenly wonder what should I put in one of the image. […]

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Boyfriend’s Business Trip


Boyfriend is away for a week to Hiroshima for work. Sent him to the airport last Sunday and time flies…he will be back tomorrow! Wahaha…whole week was busy with work and only managed to blog today. The eyes were tired and I don’t wish to on my laptop when I reach home. At most, I just play games or facebooking on my mobile till dozed off. Sigh… His […]

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A day through my lens – Fruit Infused Water


First attempt of making my own Fruit Infused Water. Came across several infused water recipes and seems like it’s healthy and helps in weight loss. DING DING – WEIGHT LOSS???!! Wahahaha… Not sure if it will really help in weight loss, but I’m sure it will taste better than just drinking water and definitely healthier than sugary/soda drinks 😛 My first attempt consists of Apple + Orange. Hm…didn’t […]

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My New Snack


I love celery. I will usually stir-fry them with meat. Boyfriend not a fan of celery, so seldom cook them now. I never tried them raw…or rather I dare not tried. Think the veg taste is too strong :p A colleague shared this new way of eating celery raw and I got hooked (well, it’s new to me at least). Celery with Peanut Butter. I didn’t know there’s […]

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Twitter’s New Layout

in Social Media

Was testing previously, and it was announced on Tuesday that Twitter is gradually rolling out their new profile page design. Hm…the new look somewhat looks similar to a Facebook’s profile page. Looks quite nice actually. With the new design, not only the profile & header images were bigger, the contents area seems to be bigger too. I liked the new profile image size. There are times when I […]

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Brain Blocked

Cover_No Idea

Being a Digital Media Planner, I will plan and create the digital media strategies including Digital Display Media, Social Media Engagements or Search strategies for clients. Leaving my previous Account Servicing role was to get involved in Media Planning and strategizing role. Slightly different from what I expected but I certainly do enjoy what I’m doing even some are beyond my scope. On top of the planning and […]

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Lunch at Marutama Ramen (The Central)

Lunch Hour

Highly recommended by J, so we went to try during lunch time. If you couldn’t remember the restaurant by the name – Marutama Ramen, you would probably will not forget the Basketball logo. About Marutama Ramen Marutama is well-known as a restaurant which has developed their shops not only in Ryogoku, Tokyo and Kawaguchi, Saitama, but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada and China since the first Marutama […]

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McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App

Cover_All About Apps

Stumbled upon the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm app while buying lunch at McDonalds on the McDonald’s National Breakfast Day…and I just downloaded the app last week…he he he… I like the interface design and the cityscape changes color depending on what time you want the alarm to ring. You can choose the preset alarm tones, the tones in the phone or choose “Surprise Me” to wake up to different […]

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Dinner at Xi Men Ding (西门町) VivoCity


Boyfriend ended his work near VivoCity, so we decided to go there for dinner. Well, dining in VivoCity can be a challenge without making reservations. There will be long queues or “invisible queues” outside popular restaurants. We decided to dine at Xi Men Ding since we will usually walked pass but didn’t try and there’s no queue. Seated at about 730pm and there’s only about less than 10 […]

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