Thank you for visiting. My name is Lynn, born and raised in Singapore. I have a lot of nicknames from friends, and I’m most commonly known as happie feet because they said I walk like a penguin :S I picked the name Little Patches from a friend (he named his cat Patches). I think it sounds good…little patches of everything….

I am a Digital Media Planner in the day. Besides planning and executing digital campaigns, I handle some clients and their projects as well. I had migrated from wordpress.com to a self-hosted platform to learn more about WordPress and the various plugins available, in order to know what to recommend to my clients 😀

I am not a full-time or professional blogger, I just love to write, grumble and share the food I ate, places I’ve been to, stuffs I’ve enjoyed :p Aside from the people in my life, I cannot live without Mobile, Internet, Music, Snacks and the list just goes on…wahahahha…

I definitely do not fit as a conventional beauty but then again beauty is only skin deep and in the eye of the beholder ~ Fortunate is the Man who can see the Rose within a Woman. Blessed is the man who this Woman holds to be her nutrient, her sunshine ~ I do nothing but everything about digital marketing ~ I’m having fun with social media ~ I luv design ~ I luv Eeyore ~ I used to think that Im a typical LEO, but not anymore ~ I luv food but I’m worried of being fat ~ I luv to travel ~ I hate durians ~ I hate being pushed around ~ I hate crowds ~ I luv to talk but I luv to listen too ~ I luv my friends ~ I luv to daydream ~ I luv stars ~ and lastly, you can reach me at misslittlepatches@gmail.com ^_^v


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  1. Hi there! I am leaving you a message here b/c I cannot find your email address. I am soo sorry! You are currently subscribed to my food blog through WordPress but I have recently moved to self hosting and was told that you will no longer receive notifications on my posts anymore. If you’d like to continue reading, please go to http://hipfoodiemom.com/ and subscribe via RSS or email. I hope to keep you as a reader! Thank you so much! and my apologies for having to contact you this way!

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