Our Birthdays with Pokemon Go


Where has all the time went? I didn’t realise that my last post was on 31 July 2016. It’s mid September now, and soon, Christmas in less than 4 months and it will be 2017! OH GOD! Dare not even think of my age…wahahaha…

August and September are usually the 2 busy and expensive months for us – Our Birthdays! Wahahaha…. And with the recent Pokemon Go craze, we got busier. We have been going after Pokemons!!! Even when we chose places to dine, first thought that came into my mind was “The place has Pokemons?”. Wahahha…

The game was first available in New Zealand, Australia and US. After releases in Japan and Hong Kong, Pokemon Go was launched in Singapore about a month later, 6 Aug. I downloaded and caught the first Pokemon, without knowing that if I don’t get the original trio (Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle), I’ll get a Pikachu as a starter! 🙁 Boyfriend started the game later and got his first Pikachu 🙁 We walked a lot, especially on 8 Aug because the following day was National Day, we don’t have to work. Wahahaha… And we were out Pokemon Hunting on National Day too! 😀 I think I’ve walked, ran, sweat alot for the past 1 month. I even ran to catch Snorlax that was 3 streets away 😀 I lost 2kg, but gained back shortly….wahahaha…

My Birthday
He saw some UOB 1-for-1 deals online and sent me the list. From the list, I suggested Lunch Buffet at Triple 3, partly also because we’ve not eat there before. ION was reported to have many Pokemons. Wahahha…after buffet lunch, we can walk to ION, visit Pokestops along the way. Hm…didn’t catch anything special that day. From ION, we then walked to Plaza Singapura. Took bus instead of train so that we can collect balls/potions along the way. Wahahahha…

ionmy catch at Ion

His Birthday
After visiting MBS a few times, we found that there’s alot of Pokemons there. There’s once I caught 3 Pikachus there. It was also reported that Lapras appeared a few times… So…we had lunch at DB Bistro 😀

He had the 3 course Lunch (Pâté “Bourguignon”, Slow Cooked Scottish Salmon, Coco Pandan for dessert), I had the Maine Lobster Roll. Loved the Salmon skin… The lobster roll was ok, except that the Avocado taste was slightly too strong for me (I don’t eat Avocado) :p

His birthday lunch at DB Bistroour lunch at DB Bistro

Indeed! I caught my first Charizard and Graveler!!!


My Pokemon Collections
Snorlax once appeared at Mosque Street, I dashed down from office. Fed it with berry, used Ultra ball, and it ran away -_-”’ Recently, caught 6 in Punggol 😀 Happie!!!


In the past, Boyfriend and I usually stayed at home on weekends. Pokemons brought us to Sentosa, Vivo City, Hougang Blk 401 (hot spot), Changi Village. Wahahaha…

changi-01Added 9 into the Pokedex in one night @ Changi Village

mobilchangi-02there’s a lot of Sandshrew in Changi Village

sentosa our catch in Sentosa

sentosa-02our catch in Sentosa

I am currently at level 23 (not very high, I think). BF fought in some gyms, considered the IV when clearing his mons. I haven’t fight in the gym before, nor do I know how to calculate the IV…wahahha…I just like the catching & walking process.

Personally, I think this is quite a good bonding activity. We met people along the way and always share info like “There’s Snorlax in front! What are you catching? Where is it?, etc”. A lot of families in the parks. Strangers were talking to the person beside, or there’s even some strangers teach the kid beside how to throw the ball. Interesting…

It is always good to bring a bottle of water with you while out Pokemon-ing. I think is lack of water plus really crowded, I felt giddy while I was at MBS afterwork. Went to the doctor, luckily was nothing serious, except that blood pressure was rather low.

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