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I started learning basic Korean at the community centre near my work place. Erm…probably not very recent, already attended 6 lessons, missed 1 as I went to the HDB on that day. He he he… It’s just some very basics at $130 for 10 lessons, once a week on Wednesday, very cheap isn’t it? Furthermore, there’s additional discounts if you are a Passion Card holder. Wondering if there’s any intermediate lessons 😀

Just after 45mins of the first lessons, I was having headache. Wahahaha…learning the alphabets initially was tough. Couldn’t differentiate several sounds, especially the 애 에 왜 웨, all sounded the same. Wahahaha… OMG… So far, we’ve learnt about the basic greetings, is/am/are, this is/that is/it is, what kind of, what is this, particles, pronunciations, occupations, etc. Wondering if there’s any intermediate lessons.

I think for now, the toughest part is the vocabulary. Really gotta memorise and memorise. JY also said that too. She self-studied her Korean, memorising and learn new words daily. She also read a lot of lyrics, she said that helped alot too. She recommended a few websites / apps such as How to Study Korean, Talk To Me In Korean, and mobile app Memrise. The teacher recommended Naver Dictionary for vocab. I am also following some YouTube channels, such as Seemile,

I guess for now, I am not going to be so ambitious in hoping to watch Korean drama without reading subtitles. Wahahhaa….they are toooo fast for me to catch. I just hope that I will be able to read the stations names, menu, etc, when I go to Korea. Wahahaha…when? Unknown…still planning. Initially, was hoping to go during the Cherry Blossoms period, which is around this time, but missed it. I guess gotta plan to go go next year :p

Talking about Cherry Blossoms, just went to Sakura @ Gardens by the Bay on 24th March. A day after the HDB appointment :p Boyfriend and I took 2 days of leave and rested 5 days…since 25th Mar was a Public Holiday :p Will upload the Sakura pictures soon.


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