Steamboat Dinner at Shabu Sai (Orchard Central)

Shabu Sai, Orchard Central

Met boyfriend and M for dinner at PS. Not sure if the guys were craving for steamboat, they suggested dinner at Sukiya. Queue was pretty long. They walked one round and go over to Orchard Central instead. Went to level 8. Hm…queue was equally long outside Kiseki and Shabu Sai. Being a steamboat lover and they asked me to choose between the 2, he he he…I opt for […]

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My Favorite Busker

Listening to

Been catching him on Instagram & YouTube, knowing his whereabouts and performances. Wahahaha…I do sound like a stalker now. First of all, he’s not the kind of singer with clean voice. His slightly coarse. I do think I like coarse voice…wahahaha… He is Kimman Wong, 黃劍文, from Hong Kong. Shall not go too much into his history, just enjoy his singing 😀 Here’s some of his performances which […]

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First Visit to Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

Went to visit A and her baby at Mt A last Saturday. Happy for her and she’s really amazing. She went through natural birth without Epidural. I doubt I can take it that way… Boyfriend and I reached there first at around 330 and his other cousins and aunts came later… We were there for about 4 hours and went off at 7plus for dinner with his cousins […]

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Having Fun with Snacks


Colleagues and I simply in love with Pepero, but we usually bought it when it’s on promo price. Usual price at $1.20 – $1.50 per box (depending on which retailer), which we think it’s kinda pricey :p At times, you can get 3 boxes for $2.70 at Watsons. This time, we bought 5 boxes for $3.95 at Sheng Shiong near office… Some bought 10, and some bought 5…happie […]

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Random in June


Just checked, the date of my last post is 21 May. Not sure where the time gone to, but I didn’t realise that I haven’t been posting for almost a month. There’s a week which I simply didn’t feel like turning on my laptop to do any typing when I’m at home, just don’t wanna face the screen at home. Guess brain cells been used up especially when […]

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I Confess (고백합니다) by F.T. Island

Listening to

“I Confess” a song by F.T. Island (short for Five Treasure Island, a 5-member pop-rock band from Korea; members age around 21-24 years old) has been going on and on in my head and mp3 player. It is not a new song though. I get to know this song while watching We Got Married Global Edition Season 1, in the episode when Fujii Mina put on her gown and […]

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Büffel Art Project at Esplanade

Büffel Art Project

Was at Esplanade for a meeting last Friday and saw the beautiful works displayed at the BÜFFEL ART DISPLAY at the upper concourse. They are selected Büffel figurines from the competition and will be here for a month, until 15 Jun 2014.   About Büffel Art Project Organised by Braun Büffel, 2014 sees the launch of the inaugural Büffel Art Project, a charity event that will take place […]

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Long Weekend

Sweet Treats

It was a public holiday (Vesak Day) on Tuesday, took leave on Monday so that we can rest for 4 days :p He he he…initially planned to go for a weekend trip, but kinda last minute to plan. We ended up at home most of the time. Was surfing through Facebook, Instagram and came across some steamed cakes. Look interesting and simple. Good for me because there’s no […]

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Another week…

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Oh my, another week gone…and guess what, we are already in May 2014. Oh man…2nd month of the 2nd quarter of the year. Can’t time slow down? Kinda scary as the days went by without noticing it. Sigh…still nothing been done… As usual, work been busy, nothing new… Never had enough time…wahahaha… And am having fever again, URGH! I’m not sure if it’s my wisdom tooth or what […]

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