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OMG, I have neglected my blog for the longest time and have not been updating it as often as I wanted. The wifi at home got disconnected when I was typing halfway 🙁 Usually, I will update the posts on weekends when I am at boyfriend’s place. Then again, there are times that I just don’t feel like sitting in front of the laptop for hours editing images, posts, etc, especially after a week’s work. And recently, not sure what happened, can’t upload images to wordpress from Boyfriend’s laptop. URGHHHHH….

Time flies, and much things happened during this period. I resigned, had my 2 weeks break, joined new company for about 1.5mths and resigned again. Wahaha… I was already keeping a lookout after my first week in the new place. Well, it is a good company, but somehow…everything just didn’t fit well.

During the 2 weeks break, I cooked dinner for boyfriend too. I was craving for some minced meat tofu patty and french beans omelette (after looking at what JL had on her instagram…wahahha…). YUMMY!!!

misslittlepatches cooking


I had a short break before I started working again, so went for a 2D1N stay in KSL with boyfriend. Did nothing but eat and eat. Wahahahha… Didn’t manage to get any clothes for this trip. Previously, had an one-day trip with IS and Cat on 10th May (during my 2 weeks break), I bought 4 tops and 1 pants. 2 long sleeves (kindly like sweater), I must be mad! Wahahaha…

Here’s what we ate during the 2D1N getaway 😀

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
Erm… Was puzzled why I waited so long for my Nissin Noodle, by right it should be the easiest dish to cook. I then realised that they forgot to key in the order… Stupid me for checking after the long wait. Wahaha… Hm…there’s 4 to 5 staffs working that day and not crowded, but had to keep waving to get their attention.
Our conclusion is – never to try curry fishballs outside HK. Wahahaha…

JB Citysquare - Wong Kok Char Chan Teng


Bak Kut Teh
The Bak Kut Teh opposite KSL City Mall – Cat & IS bought me there. Erm…not to boyfriend’s liking. He preferred those with lotsa pepper. Wahahaha…

KSL - Bak Kut Teh


He read some reviews and decided to try. NICE NICE and cheap! It’s only like less than S$50. I love the Prawn Dumpling. Surprisingly, the Siew Mai is just so-so. I usually find that Siew Mai tastes better than Prawn Dumpling in most of the restaurants, but this is otherwise. I love the the Prawn Dumpling! Will definitely come back.

D'ShangHai KSL

KSL City Mall
L2-132 (Next to cinema)
Tel: +60 7-557 6388

Colleagues and I are having the 100days weight lost program. Wahahaa…OH MAN…I recently weighed myself and got a shock of my life! Cannot believe the number I saw. We weighed every week, OMG, my weight fluctuates like stocks…up down up down….wahahhaa… I hope I can get to my target weight at the end of the 100 days. Wahaha…but I couldn’t resist food…wahahaha…

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