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Stumbled upon the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm app while buying lunch at McDonalds on the McDonald’s National Breakfast Day…and I just downloaded the app last week…he he he…

I like the interface design and the cityscape changes color depending on what time you want the alarm to ring. You can choose the preset alarm tones, the tones in the phone or choose “Surprise Me” to wake up to different tones everyday. I got one that’s some Marching Band tone one day and woke up feeling lost. Wondering since when I had that tone in my phone. Wahahaha…

McDonalds Surprise Alarm

McDonalds Surprise Alarm

McDonalds Surprise Alarm

McDonalds Surprise AlarmOh….I’ve got an expired Sausage McGriddles…sob sob sob…will it come again?

In order to receive the surprise, you need to sign up via Facebook account or a valid email address, complete the registration process to unlock the surprise wallet.

not sure if there’s something that I didn’t set properly. I off it last night but it still rang this morning… Oh man…waking up at 7:17am on Saturday is kinda shitty…ha ha haa…and couldn’t get back to sleep…

About McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App
An utility app which I think we will need to use it on Mondays to Fridays…he eh hee… And besides being an Alarm App, it comes with daily surprises of free treats, videos, music downloads or some pictures/quotes of the day. Well, I haven’t get the free music download yet..


Download the app today and start looking forward to surprises every day!


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