Hello, I’m Back


OMG, I have neglected my blog for the longest time and have not been updating it as often as I wanted. The wifi at home got disconnected when I was typing halfway 🙁 Usually, I will update the posts on weekends when I am at boyfriend’s place. Then again, there are times that I just don’t feel like sitting in front of the laptop for hours editing images, […]

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Welcoming 2015


It’s time for setting resolutions, looking back, looking forward, countdown parties…he he he… It’s New Year’s Eve, what’s your plans? Are you going to the SG50 Countdown at The Float @ Marina Bay? Big Bang will be there!! Boyfriend will be going for company lunch later, so shiok. I don’t think I get any half-day off unlike others…sigh… If I remembered correctly, last year, i get to leave […]

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Random in June


Just checked, the date of my last post is 21 May. Not sure where the time gone to, but I didn’t realise that I haven’t been posting for almost a month. There’s a week which I simply didn’t feel like turning on my laptop to do any typing when I’m at home, just don’t wanna face the screen at home. Guess brain cells been used up especially when […]

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Brain Blocked

Cover_No Idea

Being a Digital Media Planner, I will plan and create the digital media strategies including Digital Display Media, Social Media Engagements or Search strategies for clients. Leaving my previous Account Servicing role was to get involved in Media Planning and strategizing role. Slightly different from what I expected but I certainly do enjoy what I’m doing even some are beyond my scope. On top of the planning and […]

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Life is fragile


Life is fragile… We never know what happens next…death or tomorrow comes first. 好好真係每分每秒, 珍惜身邊你愛和愛你的人. 我們永遠都不會知道 , 明天是否是自己的最後一天 又或者, 明天, 它根本不會到來… 沒有什麼可以不可以, 而是要不要… 什麼值得執著, 什麼應該放下? 你決定吧…

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Sorry for the long break…


Sorry for the long break after CNY. Work been busy, mood been shitty, body been weak. Haven’t lose much weight though…wahahahha…3kg in 2 weeks… Haven’t been eating well after fever, been vomiting what I ate. Hm…don’t think it’s Anorexia… I’m slowly eating back again but in smaller portions… Hoping not to regain full appetite, wahahaha…I wanna lose weight 😛 We didn’t take leave on Valentine’s day, both gotta […]

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Random in December 2013

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8 days into December, mixed feelings. Wonder where had all the time gone to, it is already end of 2012?? Oh man…and looking back at the list I’ve set, achieved nothing at all…ha ha ha…isn’t that scary?? Should I even started that list and feeling sad now? Or it’s just me, not determined enough to accomplish that? Sigh…but one thing I’m super glad that I’m still sticking to […]

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Watermark in images

Keep Calm

I used to have watermark in my images but as time goes by, it gets quite tedious that’s why I stopped doing that. Personally, I don’t really take nice pictures, so I doubt people will grab it…ha ha ha… Today, I found my picture in someone’s blog post. He/she grabbed it from this post and conveniently insert image from URL into his/her post. OH MAN, he/she didn’t even […]

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手印 by 溫嵐 Landy


This is not a new song, get to hear it for the first time yesterday night while watching 華人星光大道 (Chinese Million Star) from SCV. The theme of the week was to sing a song best representing the story of their love ones. Really need a box of tissue by the side. The contestant sang this song, written by Landy (溫嵐) herself. Looking at the lyrics, you can easily […]

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The Man’s Vacation in Bangkok

The Man Vacation Cover

Boyfriend came back from Bangkok last week from his 3D2N (company trip) + 3D2N (own extension 🙁 ). And yes, I’m not included :(. Sigh, what to do even though I’m unhappy. Kinda expected – who can resist a free trip? Well, of course it may not be important even with the fact that I once said “your next Bangkok trip has to go with me…” What to […]

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