Dinner at Xi Men Ding (西门町) VivoCity


Boyfriend ended his work near VivoCity, so we decided to go there for dinner. Well, dining in VivoCity can be a challenge without making reservations. There will be long queues or “invisible queues” outside popular restaurants. We decided to dine at Xi Men Ding since we will usually walked pass but didn’t try and there’s no queue. Seated at about 730pm and there’s only about less than 10 tables of diners. Seated and realised that it’s another restaurant under the management of Creative Eateries, a group that managed Siam Kitchen, Eat at Taipei, Bangkok Jam, etc.

Xi Men Ding VivoCity

Anyways, we’ve ordered their Classic Set menu for 2 ($58), mainly because there’s Steamed Cod Fish Fillet with Crispy Turnips, ordered a pot of Eight Treasures Tea ($8).

Xi Men Ding VivoCity - Classic Set Menu

What’s in the Classic Set Menu for 2?
Side Dishes
Comprises of 2xChilled Pork Belly Slices with Garlic Sauce, Crispy-fried Anchovies & Peanuts, 4xMarinated Cherry Tomato with Plum. Personally, not a fan of the Chilled Pork Belly, the Garlic taste was overpowering, spicy and choking for me. Liked the Marinated Cherry Tomato, sweet & sour. In the menu, the cost of Pork Belly Slices with Garlic Sauce is $13.90, not sure how many slices are there though.

Steamed Cod Fish with Crispy Turnips (original at $18.90 per pc)
Portion of the Cod fish fillet was slightly small compared to the one that was served on the next table. Maybe it’s yummy, that’s why we felt that wasn’t enough…wahahaha…

San Bei Chicken (Original at $19.90)
Nothing fantastic, chicken a bit tough and there’s an additional spice taste which was not in other San Bei Chicken dishes I had. Couldn’t figure out what.

Scallop with Seasonal Vegetables
Price not sure as it was not in their ala carte menu. Sauteed Sautéed Prawn with Seasonal Vegetables is $21.90, so I supposed the Scallop is about that range too. It tasted normal but I think those I had at some Tze Char stalls tasted nicer :p

Braised Mee Hoon with Clams (Original at $11.90)

Almond Tofu / Cream of Pumpkin at $5.90

Food was ok but went home feeling very thirsty. Service was so-so. Of course, they have the basic service stuffs, greeted you with smile, polite, etc. But they can be quite unresponsive to your requests sometimes, not sure if it’s because they couldn’t really cope as the crowd started to come in at about 8plus. Our dessert (included in the set menu) was served wrongly after it finally came after 2 requests (1st staff forgotten about our request, I guess). The set menu comes with Cream of Pumpkin but we requested to change it to Almond Pudding (stated in the orders check sheet placed on the table), but Coffee/Mocha pudding was served instead. A guy at the next table had to request for their pot of tea 3 or 4 times.

Total bill was $80.75. Wahahaha…a casual dinner on friday can cost $80… And also, we’ve forgotten that the Set Menu was already $58 and not forgetting the GST, Service Charge, Braised Peanuts ($2), Wet Tissues, etc. Think that’s the expenses nowadays… Oh…just realised that’s a rounding of $0.01…since when there’s this rounding item. Not being sore over the 1cent, but just curious… Don’t remember seeing that in other receipts I’ve got. Erm…I usually didn’t pay attention to the bills, shall take note next time.


Hm…after the meal, we couldn’t find reasons for another visit. However, there’s still some nice reviews of the food out there, so you should give it a try 😀

Oh, in case you are wondering the weird zig-zag shadow in the first picture…he he he…that’s my new S4 cute casing which I bought in Hong Kong!

S4 Casing


Xi Men Ding @ VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity Singapore
Tel: +65 6376 8018

Opening Hours
Daily: 12nn – 10pm


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