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» I am not a full time blogger, I just luv to write/grumbles/share 😛

» My opinions/reviews/likes/dislikes are all based on my personal preferences, which are subjective.

» What works for me may not work the same for you.

» Your reviews/comments may be different from mine, feel free to share them with me too 😀

» All images and texts are not to be used without permission. I do not have watermark in all my images as I trust that all are adults. If you happen to like them, please at least ask (I have my contact information readily available). Do not conveniently grab and put it in your website. It may not be necessary to credit or link to my website, I just require some basic courtesy from you.

» There shouldn’t be any unauthorised copying, republishing, duplicating of any materials, photos or contents without written consent from me.

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