A day through my lens – Fruit Infused Water


First attempt of making my own Fruit Infused Water. Came across several infused water recipes and seems like it’s healthy and helps in weight loss. DING DING – WEIGHT LOSS???!! Wahahaha…

Not sure if it will really help in weight loss, but I’m sure it will taste better than just drinking water and definitely healthier than sugary/soda drinks 😛 My first attempt consists of Apple + Orange. Hm…didn’t really come across recipes having the combination of Apple and Orange. Not sure if there’s any side effects of this combination or the exact proportion to put, I just used what I had in the fridge :p Moreover, I’m not an Orange person, so am hope to be able to get some vitamin c from this too. He he hee…

Infused Water

Boyfriend and I quite like it. Next I’m going to try a few other combinations:
– Strawberry + Mint;
– Lime + Lemon + Mint;
– Strawberry + Lime + Mint;
– Peach + Mint

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