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Being a Digital Media Planner, I will plan and create the digital media strategies including Digital Display Media, Social Media Engagements or Search strategies for clients. Leaving my previous Account Servicing role was to get involved in Media Planning and strategizing role. Slightly different from what I expected but I certainly do enjoy what I’m doing even some are beyond my scope. On top of the planning and strategising work, I am still doing Proposals & Quotations (all sorts of Digital Marketing / Website Development / Search Marketing), Media Planning & Buying, Executing SEM campaigns, inclusive of Keywords Research, Preparing Web Project Briefs & Project Timelines, etc. I don’t have to meet clients as much as I did previously. AM will brief me what the client wants and I just draft out the proposals & quotations for them.

Wonder what is the actual scope of a Digital Media Planner…then again, I still have a lot to learn, I guess. Any courses to take?

Sometimes, I do feel out of the loop when AMs sent the statistical reports excluding me. Erm…not sure how my campaigns fared. I should have been more persistent in getting the reports from AMs. Statistics are always helpful, especially when you want to know what type of posts/contents are popular among the readers. I have been planning the editorial contents for a Client’s Facebook and I’m not trained in contents writing, kinda tough. Not sure what’s the duration should be like, but I usually took 3-5 days or sometimes much longer to complete a month’s calendar. I wonder how the professional content writers do it when they have to manage several types of contents in a month. Or is there an easier or the right way? I’ve never done any editorial calendar or contents writing for clients before, I googled for examples or samples and came up with my current format. I’m still searching for more samples…he he he…

I’m not sure if I’m facing the “Writer’s Block” stage. Then again, I’m not a writer to begin with, probably not applicable. Just purely “Brain not functioning”…wahahaha… Suddenly a need to manage & plan the contents for 3 Social Media accounts. Oh man… I even have difficulties thinking of what to write for my blog, let alone 3 editorial calendars for clients. I was staring at the Client’s facebook page but didn’t know what to write or how to begin with… And I have to revise some proposals on hand somemore. There’s a change in Client’s plan, so there’s a need to source for new platforms. Oh man, I haven’t even think of what sites to target. Am I slow, not productive or what? Seems like super blocked and super jammed…wahahaha…

How nice if I can just charge my brain and contents start flowing in…wahahaha…


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