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Blisshouse Singapore

Forgot how we get to know this place but decided to try before heading to the Uniqlo UT POP-UP! at Mohamed Sultan Road. Despite some not so nice reviews about the food and us couldn’t resist the nice pictures we’ve seen, we decided to go ahead and try… Indeed, it is a pretty place and we couldn’t stop snapping :p

As the other themed restaurant, there’s a story behind it:

The story begins with a pair of star-crossed lovers running off into the woods to escape enemy persecution. They crossed mountains and lakes, venturing deeper and deeper into the unknown land. Even as they slept on the cold hard forest ground for many a nights and starved endlessly, they never gave up. Their true love for each other sustained them and gave strength to continue on.

And you have to experience it yourself.

The moment you stepped into the restaurant, you will notice the artificial grass flooring, bringing out the “Garden” theme even more. Love this little bridge, so fairy tale. There’s also a flora carriage but somehow the area was too dark to have a nice picture.

Blisshouse Singapore - Bridge
Blisshouse Singapore – Bridge (took while walking out)
Blisshouse Singapore - Flora Carriage
Blisshouse Singapore – Flora Carriage
(I hope you can see that it’s a carriage :p)

Not sure if you will be like me, loving the color contrast as I walked into the restaurant. The tables, chairs, walls, decorations are in white against the green grass, NICE! Starting to wonder how nice and cozy to have a celebrations, solemnizations or even wedding in here. So girly and cozy.

Blisshouse - Garden
Blisshouse – Garden

Besides the Garden setting, there’s another living room setting with a piano in a corner some bridal gowns. There’s also some merchandise on display for sale.

Blisshouse - Indoor
Blisshouse – Indoor

Gotten the menu from the waitress and was amazed. Read a review somewhere saying that their menu looks shabby. But hey, that’s different now. The menu is nicely printed! It looks like those bridal album with hardcover and thick paper inserts (not as thick as the inserts of the real photo album). Definitely looking & feeling good, but heavy though :p

Blisshouse - Menu
Blisshouse – Menu

JL had breakfast earlier, so we ordered a Main, a Side, a Dessert to share. But still, a filling lunch for both of us…

Caesar Salad – $16 (with prawns)
Crispy Romaine Lettuce tossed in Caesar Dressing, topped with Crostini, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Coddled Egg.

So that’s what a Coddled Egg is, gently or lightly cooked eggs? He he he…not the type I’ll go for, she volunteer to have that egg. Interesting, wonder how they created the “lines” on the egg. And they topped with Crostini instead of the usual Croutons.

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad

Seafood Pizza – $24
Tomato Sauce, Basil, Oregano, Shredded Mozzarella, Prawn, Squid, Mussel and Fish.

The waitress informed us that we have to wait for around 20mins because the Chef will have to make it from scratch. Sounds good, and also we can take our own sweet time to go around snapping :p Loved it. Tomato based thin crust, and it’s really thin! Erm…personally, I like fish, but somehow would prefer it with Prawns, Squid and Mussel (without the fish :p)

Seafood Pizza
Seafood Pizza

Tiramisu – $11
Traditional Italian style homemade Tiramisu, dusted with shaved Valrhona Dark Chocolate.

He he he…how can I miss this, TIRAMISU!!!! I was busy snapping a photo of my shoe against the grass (if you have notice my featured picture) and didn’t notice that the Tiramisu was served. When I look at the table, I went “WOW”! That was too much for us and for the price of $11?? Good ya! Personally, I would prefer it to be richer and sweeter, the alcohol taste can be stronger. Other than that, it’s something worth rah rah about!


Oh, forgot to mentioned, the staff also informed us that we will be entitled to a 15% discount off ala carte items by just being their friend, ie. liking them on Facebook, and inform the staff upon paying. Total bill as $57, automatically given 15% discount. COOL!

On top of that, thinking of where to dine for Mother’s Day? They have both Lunch & Dinner set at $48++ or $68++ per pax respectively.

Blisshouse - Mother's Day Lunch Menu
Blisshouse – Mother’s Day Lunch Menu
Blisshouse - Mother's Day Dinner
Blisshouse – Mother’s Day Dinner

Oh man! Another headache…dunno what to get for his mama…

Overall, enjoyed the ambience, setting and food. Feel like I’m in some outdoor dining area even though I’m sitting inside the restaurant. So cozy! Will someone walk around bare foot? Would love to come back again with him and also the gang.

Website . Facebook

Blisshouse Singapore @ The Central
6 Eu Tong Seng Street, The Central
#03-21, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6225 5532

Opening Hours
Daily: 12pm – 1030pm


ps, I think photography is allowed. But always good to ask for permission especially for any commercial or photo shoot purposes…


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