Let’s Eat – Korean Spicy Noodle


Everyone online was raving about the Spicy Korean noodle and I’m sure you’ve seen lotsa Fiery Noodle Challenge videos too. JW was sharing his experience over lunch sometime back and said it was really spicy for him. D who loves spicy food tried said he can only finished a packet at most. JW cooked it for us in the office and we had 1-2 mouthful. OMG!!! Hm… I don’t really […]

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Another week…

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Oh my, another week gone…and guess what, we are already in May 2014. Oh man…2nd month of the 2nd quarter of the year. Can’t time slow down? Kinda scary as the days went by without noticing it. Sigh…still nothing been done… As usual, work been busy, nothing new… Never had enough time…wahahaha… And am having fever again, URGH! I’m not sure if it’s my wisdom tooth or what […]

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Dim Sum Lunch at Luk Yu (Chinatown Point)

Luk Yu Teahouse

Met missy for lunch before her Maternity leave ends. Saw the baby’s photo on her facebook, cute and looks like daddy. Thinking of what to eat for lunch in Chinatown can be tough. There’s way too many choices. Walked pass Luk Yu at times but didn’t get to visit this place. While thinking of what to eat, I read some reviews and their pictures looks nice. So, I […]

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Theme Restaurant – Blisshouse Singapore

Blisshouse Singapore

Forgot how we get to know this place but decided to try before heading to the Uniqlo UT POP-UP! at Mohamed Sultan Road. Despite some not so nice reviews about the food and us couldn’t resist the nice pictures we’ve seen, we decided to go ahead and try… Indeed, it is a pretty place and we couldn’t stop snapping :p As the other themed restaurant, there’s a story […]

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Tea or Painting? An arteastiq date with the mrs


Was on leave last Friday, decided to meet Mrs for tea at Arteastiq after her gynae appointment. Couldn’t remember when was the last time we met, obviously the tummy is bigger but she’s still looking vibrant and good. Looking forward to see her baby soon, expected date is on the 9 June. Very fast, guess she must be excited about it too… Suggested Arteastiq as I’ve not been […]

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Dinner at Poulét @ Chinatown Point


An impromptu dinner date with JL. Was discussing at about 3plus on where to go, what to eat. Shit happens at times. I was required to work late at the last minute. Almost 7.45pm and I’m still in office, so she suggested to have dinner near my office instead. So, I suggested Poulét since I wanted to try. “Poulét [Chicken in French] is the first French Casual Dining […]

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38 Dinner at Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura


Yes, I’m back at Itacho Sushi for dinner again. Wah, think the last time I was here was February last year. Oh my, it’s been a long time. This time with the gang, having dinner on 8 Mar 2013 (International Women’s Day aka 3 8 妇女节). We had a great time catching up, chatting :p Too bad, T couldn’t make it. Hopefully she will join us again soon…after […]

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Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

How’s your preparation for the Lunar New Year? Besides packing and cleaning my room, I also bought some new clothes. Thankfully, I am able to fit into the 2 dresses which I bought much earlier from Qoo10. I guess it’s really time to go on a serious diet. Well, guess that has to be done after CNY :p His mom bought lotsa CNY goodies :p there’s pineapple tarts, pistachios, […]

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Redeeming My Rewards

Loyalty Mobile Apps

01May2013: Sorry, it came kinda late. It’s a pity that Squiryl stops We will officially stop all operations on 15th April 2013. And Squiryl users can redeem any outstanding token before 31st May 2013.  Last November, I’ve mentioned about redeeming some acorns from an app – Squiryl? We went to NEX to get his new SIII last week and decided to have dinner at Cafe Cartel since we had […]

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Lunch at Tosh Restaurant

Tosh Restaurant

Oh…overdue post :p Saw this new place while they were renovating last year. Decided to go and try with JL last week during lunch. Initially, it’s one of our choice for Xmas lunch last year. I’m actually quite glad we didn’t. But it’s still too early to say as the restaurant is still quite new. They just opened in November last year, not really known yet? Everytime when […]

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