Thai Food in Chinatown

Thai Food

Colleagues found a new eating place recently, somewhat near our office, serving yummy and cheap thai food – Muay Thai Food. It’s not a new stall, just that we usually wouldn’t walk there under the sun for lunch 😛

Muay Thai Food in Chinatown Singapore

The food stall is inside K88 coffeeshop near the Chinatown Market. There’s also the popular Erich’s Wuerstelstand Sausage Stall. The Austrian chef managed a Sausage kiosk in one of the lane in Chinatown before relocating here. I’ve yet to try the sausage, but seems really famous worldwide. This coffeeshop is in the same block where I used to live for 4 years when I was young. Of course, things have changed in this area over the years.

Okiez! Back to the Thai Food :p The chinese owner came with the menu (well, at least seems to me, he’s a local). Went through the menu for a while, decided on the few dishes. He recommended the fish, he said it’s fresh today. LH said ok immediately as she’s craving for fish. We were all thinking “wah…a whole fish? How much would that be? Lunch only wor….

Here’s the dishes we’ve ordered:

Tom Yum Soup
Came in a charcoal steamboat. So cool! Reminded us of the days when we have one of these at home too. The soup is yummy, sour and a little spicy for me, but still manageable my drinks :p Lotsa ingredients and fresh too

Tom Yum Soup

Stir Fry Mix Veg
A little salty for me

Stir Fry Vegetables

Deep Fried Pork
This is the 2nd time they ordered this dish. Not the crunchy type as I thought, but goes well with the Thai chilli sauce. And I think it will go well with beer…wahahaha…

Deep Fried Pork

Steamed Fish
Love this! I’ve been thinking about the steam fish I had in Phuket, it’s sour and spicy. Wahahaha…couldn’t find one as nice as that. Erm…not that this is exactly the same, but still nice and fresh in it’s own way – spicy, less sour but too garlicky for me.

Thai Steamed Fish

And remember initially we were all worried how much this meal cost, especially with the fish? The bill came and it’s only $48! Cheap right? So, besides Golden Mile, here’s probably another place to consider. If boyfriend and I ever come to Chinatown on weekends, I’d bring him here too… 😀


Muay Thai Food
Blk 5 Banda Street
#01-52 Singapore 050005


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