Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore

Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore

Saw the advertisement of Uniqlo UT POP-UP! on Facebook, and RSVP-ed for it. Happy to receive the confirmation and a goodie bag, plus a chance to win Uniqlo Vouchers in their lucky draw!

The UT POP-UP is at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road. Had lunch with JL @ The Central before making our way there. We were too full, so we decided to walk over to Md Sultan. Oh my, it was quite a long walk and sunny. Anyways, reached and gotta queue for a while. Luckily, the queue was moving fast. We received our goodie bag (Uniqlo Paperbag), happy to have a notebook and a mug in it (at least it’s useful to me…). Saw people carrying some goodie bag with Hello Kitty design…oh man…envious. A while later, I saw someone with a Black Uniqlo paperbag… Ha haha…how I wish I can collect it all :p

Uniqlo UT POP-UP Goodie Bag
Uniqlo UT POP-UP Goodie Bag

I love collecting nice paperbags…

As you walked in, you will notice the huge display installation in the middle of the hall exhibiting the UTs designs (sorry, unable to show you the shot of it. The picture didn’t turn out well). Besides the previous UT collections, the store will also feature the works of the local designers.

To get the tees at discounted prices, simply wear a UT tee to have an animated photo with the UT Camera app taken at the station. Think the discounted prices starts from $14.90.

Went to level 2 to have a look, crowded…

Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013 - Singapore
Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013 – Singapore

he he he… I am assuming that I can get a Hello Kitty designed paperbag by purchasing a Hello Kitty tshirt :p Thankfully, there’s something nice…ha ha ha… Purchased the top at $24.90 (without discount) and I GOT IT!!!

Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore - Hello Kitty
Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore – Hello Kitty

Tired after all the walking and queuing? There’s a drink station and seats for you too…

Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore
Uniqlo UT POP-UP 2013, Singapore

Happy with my loot!

Btw, if you are not at the event, you can download the UT Camera app and share your animated shots in the global UT Camera gallery! For more information, visit the website.

Thank you JL for queueing with me…the queue was really long. Oh! And sorry that I didn’t wanna take the photo…


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