Just got back from a short break over the weekend in Bintan…shall post pictures in another entry sigh…my MicroSD card was faulty, my Bintan pictures were gone…sob sob…

Catching up with what’s on last Thursday…

Occasionally, boss will buy us cakes from Java Detour in MBS. So, last thursday, we decided to go there for a quick lunch (sort of a mini BD celebration) before going up to JL’s room (her BD pressie)…

Each of us ordered a sandwich each…I think they are having promotions now, 2nd sandwich @ 50%. Just nice for the 6 of us. And 4 cakes to share 😛 Yummy Yummy…

Quick Bites @ Java Detour

Quick Bites @ Java Detour

The brownie is nice, but it will be great if it’s served warmer and topped with ice-cream (heaven…). Ha ha ha… Sandwich was alright, and as usual, it’s very filling…ain’t sandwich suppose to be light meals? Ha a ha… I cut my Club Sandwich into half and exchanged the other half with JL’s Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich (I hoped I spell correctly, forgot the full name).

Went up to her room to have a look, and OH MY…the toilet is nice! Love the bath tub 😀

JL's room in MBS

JL’s room in MBS

with love…

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