Chinatown Traditional Kitchen

Cover_Chinatown Traditional Kitchen

This is a super overdue post. I have been wanting to share this place which colleague accidentally found it during lunch time. It’s indeed a great find. We’ve been going there almost 3 times a week ever since and sometimes will go there for drinks after work 😀 Chinatown Traditional Kitchen is located at Mosque Street in Chinatown, within walking distance from Chinatown MRT. It is co-owned by the Backpackers […]

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Thai Food in Chinatown

Thai Food

Colleagues found a new eating place recently, somewhat near our office, serving yummy and cheap thai food – Muay Thai Food. It’s not a new stall, just that we usually wouldn’t walk there under the sun for lunch 😛 The food stall is inside K88 coffeeshop near the Chinatown Market. There’s also the popular Erich’s Wuerstelstand Sausage Stall. The Austrian chef managed a Sausage kiosk in one of […]

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Random in June


Just checked, the date of my last post is 21 May. Not sure where the time gone to, but I didn’t realise that I haven’t been posting for almost a month. There’s a week which I simply didn’t feel like turning on my laptop to do any typing when I’m at home, just don’t wanna face the screen at home. Guess brain cells been used up especially when […]

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Lunch at Marutama Ramen (The Central)

Lunch Hour

Highly recommended by J, so we went to try during lunch time. If you couldn’t remember the restaurant by the name – Marutama Ramen, you would probably will not forget the Basketball logo. About Marutama Ramen Marutama is well-known as a restaurant which has developed their shops not only in Ryogoku, Tokyo and Kawaguchi, Saitama, but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada and China since the first Marutama […]

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2nd Visit to Tamoya Udon (Chinatown Point)

Tamoya Udon - Lunch

Been eager to try the other types of udon after the 1st visit to Tamoya Udon. And since C loves Udon as well, I suggested to go there for lunch…he he he… This time, I go for the most basic version – Kake Udon. Though it’s the basic, it’s still YUMMY! Loved the soup (you can also top up the soup at the self-service station). I’ve added the […]

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Lunch at Tamoya Udon (Chinatown Point)

Tamoya Udon - Lunch

Walked pass Tamoya Udon at Chinatown Point a few times, always wondering why the Udon looks so plain. Wahahahaa…finally get to try it during lunch time yesterday, and understand why now! Interesting! About Tamoya Udon: Tamoya was established in the home of udon, Sanuki (now known as kagawa) in 1996 by Tamotsu Kurokawa, the Saniku udon champion. Singapore is their first overseas outlet in Southeast Asia! Brought all […]

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In My Kitchen – Tuna Pasta Salad

In my kitchen

Was craving for my Tuna Pasta Salad, so made this on Sunday night and brought it for lunch on Monday 😀 A friend made this some years back, and I loved it. Gotten the recipe from her and have been making it ever since…he he he… It is a very simple and easy pasta salad. Tuna Pasta Salad   PRINT One of my favorite yet simple & easy […]

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Dining in Hong Kong – Dim Sum at 鴻星海鮮酒家 (Super Star Seafood Restaurant)

Hong Kong

[in Hong Kong] It’s day 4 in Hong Kong and scheduled to fly back to Singapore at 9pm. Just wanna relax, do some last minute shopping for local delights (Wife’s Biscuits) and of course not forgetting a Dim Sum brunch. Brought him to Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) during the last trip, kinda shocking for him. He didn’t enjoy the environment and dining experience there. We had to look […]

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A day through my lens – Breaded Chicken


Was out alone yesterday to have some ME time… Had lunch at the newly opened Swensen’s (AMK Hub). Hm…maybe not that new, should have been there for few months? It was previously occupied by NYDC. My Breaded Chicken 😀 Haven’t been eating at Swensen’s for quite a while. They have added new stuffs in their menu. Was waiting to be seated. If you are ready, you can place […]

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Lunch at Delifrance


Haven’t been to Délifrance for a long long time. Used to have one in Compass Point. Happened to see one in Chinatown Point the other day, so suggested to JL to have lunch there :p I think there used to be a Bistro in Chinatown Point. But right now, it’s more like a kiosk. The space was quite small. We were joking that if someone wearing short skirt […]

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