Colleague’s Farewell Dinner at Tomo Izakaya

Japanese Dinner

An ex-colleague was back to help out for 1 week when one of the designer was on leave and Friday was his last day. Planned to have a dinner on Friday after work but not sure what to eat. He suggested Tomo Izakaya (Clarke Quay). He tried the food there during his last trip to Singapore and said was nice. He forgot the restaurant’s name so we didn’t […]

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Theme Restaurant – Blisshouse Singapore

Blisshouse Singapore

Forgot how we get to know this place but decided to try before heading to the Uniqlo UT POP-UP! at Mohamed Sultan Road. Despite some not so nice reviews about the food and us couldn’t resist the nice pictures we’ve seen, we decided to go ahead and try… Indeed, it is a pretty place and we couldn’t stop snapping :p As the other themed restaurant, there’s a story […]

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Yummy Pizzas at Bella Pizza

Bella Pizza

Finally, get to meet up with the gang yesterday. Forgot when was the last time we met, think is sometime in September. It was just a few days away from Mooncake Festival as we met T to get her homemade green tea mooncake… YUMMY! Few days ago, was deciding where’s for dinner, LH suggested Bella Pizza. Well, first thing came to my mind was “BELLA PIZZA”??? Is there […]

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