It’s Monday :)

Time flies last week, or should I say every week?  Seems like flashing by and it’s Monday again…  Since, I couldn’t avoid that it’s Monday, so why not face it!  Anyways, it will soon be Monday again 😛  Oh, guess I’m getting old…ha ha ha…

Stuffs I did last week:
»  Projects, Quotations, Proposals @ Work…
»  Mask x 2 nights (My Scheming Mask and the one JL bought from Taiwan)
»  Dinner after work on Wednesday @ Swensen Bugis Junction, not really fantastic (was craving for pasta, but I had sandwich in the end…)
»  Partying on Saturday night with JL (long awaited…) – had a good time, but was too tired and slept my Sunday away…
»  Recuperate on Sunday, was totally knock out…


Mask time » “絕世美肌 FaceQ Masks” ~ from JL

FaceQ Mask ~ Ellagic Acid Whitening Mask

There are several reviews on this product already, and this is not a new product.  The review I got from Eki’s Blog was quite detailed.  I just get to try when JL bought this for us from Taiwan.  I wonder if it’s available in Singapore…

I tried Ellagic Acid Whitening Mask, for whitening, firming and hydrating.  Different from the masks that I’ve tried in the past, I didn’t get the tingling effect this time round.  I suppose this is good 😀  And it’s quite fun too.  First, you place the mask on the face from forehead downwards, stretch to fit your face and hooked both ends onto your ears.  Next, you lift the sides around your chin and hooked both ends onto your ears too.  It’s fitting and I felt the tightness after that (I think partly due to the design of the mask, which actually requires you to pull to fit your face and hooked onto your ears) 😀  Definitely will want to use it again, but not sure if it’s available here yet.  And most important of all, it’s really moist and smells nice.  Oh, not forgetting the cute packaging!

So much for now…continue tomorrow, good night!

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