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It is 1st July 2012 today, going into 2nd half of the year.  OMG, look at the rate time is flashing by…it really stops for nobody…  Time for some recap…

Friday, 29 Jun 2012
Since it’s Friday, of course no one wish to stay late in the office.  Left office at 6:45pm (my earliest timing so far).  Went to the train station with Y, as she’s going to Somerset while I’m going to Dhoby Gaut.  I’m just going to hang around there as I’m way too early for my appointment at 10pm.  Going to Frienzie tonite.  Guess from my previous posts, I have been going there pretty often.  Well, what to do, only decent chill out place in Punggol.  30th Jun is Jeff’s birthday, so since we feel like drinking, we might as well celebrate and countdown to his birthday while ash is at Jason Mraz’s concert.  Hm…forgot to get a cake though…  Oh Oh, while I was window shopping in Plaza Singapura, well, really couldn’t resist and this is what I’ve bought…

Face Masks

Saturday, 30 Jun 2012
Did not do much, we were both lazing at home today and he will be going to camp at around 7pm, so need to rest.  Was reading blogs, editing photographs, chatting with friends and finding ways to beautify my blog.  Well, was thinking if WordPress or Blogger is better.  Blogger can beautify more stuffs at no additional costs 😛  Erm…

Sunday, 1 Jul 2012
Woke up early to have breakfast with him as he will be reaching at around 10am.  Last week, we had McDonald’s breakfast, we tried KFC’s breakfast this week.  Food is not bad, but service definitely need to be improved.  Perhaps there’s too much orders and not enough manpower?  Not sure, when I reached there, I managed to be no3 in the queue.  After I get my order, there’s like 4-5 pax behind me….  I ordered 2 meals with 2 coffee from the staff, she keyed in.  Then she went off to prepare the outstanding orders which she need to send to the earlier customers.  Well, she came back to attend to me again, and guess what…  She asked “Good morning, what’s your order”.  OMG, ain’t I just ordered and you’ve already keyed in!  So, I repeated the orders again…  She got the porridge and Waffles & Scramble Egg, Pepper x 1, Spoon x 1, Coffee x 2, Sugar & Creamer.  Obviously, she didn’t realise what’s missing…  So, I asked for Fork and Knife.  She double check again and wanted to collect the money.  Well, I asked again… “Shouldn’t there be any maple syrup or butter to go with the Waffles??”.  She “Oh…”  Sigh…  Anyways, couldn’t complain much as the outlet is really quite small compared to those in town.

He ordered porridge.  Hm…it’s nice actually, doesn’t taste like those that’s served in fast food restaurants.  There’s fried shallots and spring onions sprinkled on top.  Not sure if they cooked them or use one of those Instant porridge.  It does taste nice, but I think there’s quite a bit of MSG too, because I got quite thirsty after that.  Not a good choice to have it too often.  Mine is the Waffle & Scramble Egg.  Waffle is crisp and not hard like the set I had previously at the KFC near office.  Scramble Egg too milky for me, he ended finishing them for me.


So much for now….

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