Lunch at Tosh Restaurant

Tosh Restaurant

Oh…overdue post :p Saw this new place while they were renovating last year. Decided to go and try with JL last week during lunch. Initially, it’s one of our choice for Xmas lunch last year. I’m actually quite glad we didn’t. But it’s still too early to say as the restaurant is still quite new. They just opened in November last year, not really known yet? Everytime when […]

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Lovely Sunday…

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It is 1st July 2012 today, going into 2nd half of the year.  OMG, look at the rate time is flashing by…it really stops for nobody…  Time for some recap… Friday, 29 Jun 2012 Since it’s Friday, of course no one wish to stay late in the office.  Left office at 6:45pm (my earliest timing so far).  Went to the train station with Y, as she’s going to […]

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