Thursday Shopping

Jan was talking about going shopping (apparently, she already decided where to shop) afterwork at lunch. Well, he’s on reservist, and I’ve no program, so I decided to tag along 😛 Left office at about 7pm, happy, seldom leave office that early.

First stop: neu look @ 313 Somerset
The staff handed us a S$20 off voucher at the entrance.  Of course, we’ll read the fine prints “with a minimum purchase of S$##”.  I’m sorry, I actually forgot that it’s S$60 or S$80 (I have hamster memory).  We both shopped separately…  Don’t have anything in mind to buy, so I just walked around.  Saw this clutch quite nice and it’s only S$19.90.  Was thinking if I should buy that, because I don’t have any clutch to bring along to dinners or parties 😛  Their shoes are nice, but too high for me.  She bought a shirt and a belt while I bought the clutch bag!

2nd stop:  Forever 21 @ 313 Somerset
Well, nothing in mind to buy as well.  Was just looking at accessories, and I’ve decided to get a Bubble Gum Flavor lip gloss, and it’s only S$2 after discount 😀  She got a beard-looking pendant to go with her new shirt.

Well, not sure if I’m too conscious, I noticed that most of the ladies I’ve seen in the malls or on the street are so slim!!  Oh my, think I’m really getting fatter and fatter…

3rd stop:  H&M
Was just looking around, saw 2 pairs of nice shorts, but I didn’t buy them in the end.  The tops seems small for me 🙁  We both walked out of the store empty handed.

4th stop:  Cineleisure
Well, yet to have dinner.  And Jan wanted to get a pair of shoes, so I suddenly thought of a new shop selling nice shoes in Cineleisure ~ Sœurs (pronounced as “sir”), by a SG blogger (Jayne) and her sister.  Been wanting to go and finally I did.  Choices not as wide as the usual shoe shops we’ve been to, but the shoes/wedges in Sœurs are definitely unique, colorful and cheery for all occasions 🙂  Love them, and I actually like 2 pairs (both flats).  Well, so tempted to buy, but shall wait till next week…  Not limited to footwear, they do have accessories and clothings too.  More choices arriving…  We both walked out empty handed again 🙁  I will be back next week!

Oh!  Currently, they are having a promotion, 50% off 2nd pair.

Last stop:  Dinner
Decided to have our dinner @ Xin Wang Cafe in Cineleisure.  Erm…forgot when was the last time I dined there, realised that they had revamped their menu with 30 over new items…drooling…  We’ve ordered Breakfast Set, Stir Fry Beef Hor Fun, Prawn Paste Chicken.  And oh, they do charge S$0.40 for ice water…

» Breakfast Set
Oh my, looks sad.  2 eggs, 2 slices of luncheon meat, 2 small hash brown and tomatoes, cucumbers, baked beans.

Jan’s Breakfast Set

 » Stir Fry Beef Hor Fun
Surprisingly, it is nice but too oily for me.  However, beef slices are slightly thick and am having difficulties chewing 😛  It will be better if it has a bit of charred taste to it.

Stir Fry Beef Hor Fun

 »Prawn Paste Chicken
Not to our liking.  We still prefer the usual style – drumlet/wings deep fried.  Their version is more like deep fried prawn paste chicken ball and not as crispy as it should be.

Prawn Paste Chicken

Finally, my purchases of the day:

My purchases…

Went home, tired….

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