March 2013 – Bellabox, Spring in your step

Bellabox March 2013

This is my last Bellabox, unsubscribed last month. Quite like the products this month, but it’s a pity that I didn’t get the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Roll on. It smells nice. Oh, noticed something different. Ribbon was used to tie the package instead of the usual Bellabox sticker. Prefer it this way as I don’t have to worry that I’ll damage the wrapper. And I love the color […]

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My September 2012’s Bellabox

September 2012 Bellabox

Received my Bellabox about 2 weeks back, around 10-11 September, couldn’t remember but am only manage to find time to post this entry.   So, here’s what I’ve got this month: 1. Vichy BI-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion 2. Petronille Elixir Antioxydant booster 3. Petronille Essentielle Jour – Day Cream 4. Rimmel – Stay Glossy Lip Gloss 5. L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence […]

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Lovely Sunday…

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It is 1st July 2012 today, going into 2nd half of the year.  OMG, look at the rate time is flashing by…it really stops for nobody…  Time for some recap… Friday, 29 Jun 2012 Since it’s Friday, of course no one wish to stay late in the office.  Left office at 6:45pm (my earliest timing so far).  Went to the train station with Y, as she’s going to […]

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It’s Monday :)

Time flies last week, or should I say every week?  Seems like flashing by and it’s Monday again…  Since, I couldn’t avoid that it’s Monday, so why not face it!  Anyways, it will soon be Monday again 😛  Oh, guess I’m getting old…ha ha ha… Stuffs I did last week: »  Projects, Quotations, Proposals @ Work… »  Mask x 2 nights (My Scheming Mask and the one JL […]

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little patches

Finally!!!  My breakfast partner is finally back from GZ office.  She’s been away for like almost 2 months!  She bought lotsa stuffs for us.  Before her GZ trip, she went to Taiwan, so we had souvenirs from her Taiwan trip as well.  All in all, here’s the list I had: From GZ: Instant Pasta (she said it’s yummy, so I asked her to buy for me) My makeup […]

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