Almost half into 2015


I have been neglecting my blog for the longest time so far… Indeed, it’s time to seek some work-life balance. Not that I do work at home all the time, but I still do sometimes, especially when I couldn’t find time during office hours to write new social media posts for clients. Hence, I have to do it over the weekends. So while working on new posts ideas and usually […]

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Sorry for the long break…


Sorry for the long break after CNY. Work been busy, mood been shitty, body been weak. Haven’t lose much weight though…wahahahha…3kg in 2 weeks… Haven’t been eating well after fever, been vomiting what I ate. Hm…don’t think it’s Anorexia… I’m slowly eating back again but in smaller portions… Hoping not to regain full appetite, wahahaha…I wanna lose weight 😛 We didn’t take leave on Valentine’s day, both gotta […]

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Re-visited Ah Dong Teh House at @Punggol Promenade

Went to Ah Dong Teh House for the first time in November last year. They were using their soft launch menu then. A complete menu was launched in Jan 2013. Curious about what their complete menu has, I suggested to have dinner there yesterday. We stood at the entrance for like quite a while, staffs walked in and out. Not sure if we should continue standing there, ask […]

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Prawning @Punggol

Prawning in Punggol

We went to prawn-fishing aka prawning at Hai Bin @Punggol after the less-than satisfactory dinner on Friday. Since it’s near home, he and I went home to put our stuffs before joining them there. It’s always very crowded (mostly young crowds) when we walked pass, rarely get a chance to prawn. Luckily they managed to get seats. Quite fun, but really gotta be patient, quite torturing for me. […]

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Birthday Dinner – Sing Yi Seafood Garden (@Punggol – Tebing Lane)

Sing Yi Seafood Garden

After the high-tea buffet last week, his mama arranged a dinner with his cousin & bf and us on 12.12.12. Wow, really on eating spree in December. His cousin highly recommended Sing Yi Seafood Garden located at @Punggol (just opposite Frienzie). We frequent @Punggol quite often, especially Frienzie as it is the most decent chill-out place in Punggol. Besides Frienzie, there’s also Uncle Leong (another seafood restaurant), Ah […]

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Ah Dong Teh House at Punggol

Ah Dong.jpg

Saw this new signboard when I was in the LRT the other day, realised that there’s this new restaurant located at @Punggol, just next to Frienzie Bistro & Bar.  It was Shin Nichi (a Japanese restaurant) previously.  Wanted to try but it’s either we have to work late or too tired to dine out.  Finally get to go there yesterday. We were brought to our seats and were […]

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Lovely Sunday…

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It is 1st July 2012 today, going into 2nd half of the year.  OMG, look at the rate time is flashing by…it really stops for nobody…  Time for some recap… Friday, 29 Jun 2012 Since it’s Friday, of course no one wish to stay late in the office.  Left office at 6:45pm (my earliest timing so far).  Went to the train station with Y, as she’s going to […]

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Chill Out

Went to Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar today for a short drink with H and friends.  Besides drinks, cocktails, they serve food too.  Well, food is not great, but definitely above average, especially with the fact that it’s the most decent chill out place in Punggol.  Nice ambience with both indoor and outdoor seatings, overlooking small hill and river Sungei Punggol situated in Punggol Waterway.  Besides chilling out, […]

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