Random in December 2013

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8 days into December, mixed feelings. Wonder where had all the time gone to, it is already end of 2012?? Oh man…and looking back at the list I’ve set, achieved nothing at all…ha ha ha…isn’t that scary?? Should I even started that list and feeling sad now? Or it’s just me, not determined enough to accomplish that? Sigh…but one thing I’m super glad that I’m still sticking to it, that is quitting smoking πŸ˜€

Haven’t been exercising and losing weight. I’ve put on weight in fact πŸ™ I haven’t step into the gym since falling sick big time after the 3 Hot Yoga sessions. Oh man, and I have been paying for the membership fees every month. “Talk about saving money :S”

And guess what, I’m sick again…seems quite terrible this time. Running/Block nose, sore throat and coughing. Both my ears been blocked for a week…having difficulties listening… Wonder when will it be ok, very moody when I couldn’t hear properly. Have to figure out what my colleagues trying to say at times… URGH… The antibiotics that the doctor gave doesn’t seems to help the blockage. Should I go back to the doctor again??

Christmas is coming… Drafting my shopping list and planning where to shop…hm… Also need to buy present for office gift exchange session… No idea what to buy… Wanna go out yet lazy πŸ™ Urgh…

Have you make your shopping list?

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