The Man’s Vacation in Bangkok

The Man Vacation Cover

Boyfriend came back from Bangkok last week from his 3D2N (company trip) + 3D2N (own extension 🙁 ). And yes, I’m not included :(. Sigh, what to do even though I’m unhappy. Kinda expected – who can resist a free trip? Well, of course it may not be important even with the fact that I once said “your next Bangkok trip has to go with me…” What to do… But surprisingly, he messaged me much more than his previous trips and in Singapore. Sort of consolation? Wahahaha…

Anyways, he bought me this cute penguin slippers. The penguins were glued onto the slippers. Worried that they may drop off someday.

Flip Flops from Bangkok

He sent me lotsa food pictures too. They look so yummy, so I’d share them here. He was told that the chef in this restaurant was previously a chef in the Palace. WAH! If that’s true, it’s quite impressive. Sad to say, he forgot the name of the restaurant. I will try to find out and update here. Would love to eat there one day. If you happen to know the name of this restaurant, please let me know too.

Favorite Thai Steam Fish

Green Curry


Thai Fish Cake

Rice Cracker


He also went to Parlour Restaurant & Bar, looks so pretty:

Parlour Restaurant & Bar (Bangkok)

Palour Restaurant & Bar


Hopefully, he’ll bear in mind that his next BKK has to go with me and no more trips without me. Sad to say, that’s quite unlikely to happen, but I still hope… sigh…


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