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Keep Calm

I used to have watermark in my images but as time goes by, it gets quite tedious that’s why I stopped doing that. Personally, I don’t really take nice pictures, so I doubt people will grab it…ha ha ha…

Today, I found my picture in someone’s blog post. He/she grabbed it from this post and conveniently insert image from URL into his/her post. OH MAN, he/she didn’t even want to download and upload to his/her server. It is a normal picture which everyone can take a picture of it inside the train station (unless he/she doesn’t take train at all). There’s even my reflection in the picture!

Ok, no one to blame but myself, for being lazy, don’t want to add watermark. But, even with watermark, I also cannot be 100% sure that no one will just grab and put it up as if it’s his/hers.

I do not need credits or links to my website, but if you happen to like them, please at least ask. I stopped adding watermark in my images, partly because it gets quite tedious,  it’s also because I trust that all are adults and should have some basic courtesy to ask. I don’t think that’s a difficult thing to do, right?

To you:
I am glad you like the picture.


– ♥ –


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