Welcoming 2015


It’s time for setting resolutions, looking back, looking forward, countdown parties…he he he… It’s New Year’s Eve, what’s your plans? Are you going to the SG50 Countdown at The Float @ Marina Bay? Big Bang will be there!! Boyfriend will be going for company lunch later, so shiok. I don’t think I get any half-day off unlike others…sigh… If I remembered correctly, last year, i get to leave office only at 5pm (after green light from big boss :S) and we left office at 5pm on Xmas Eve… :S Like previous years, we will be home counting down, avoiding crowd…he he he… A sign of getting old?

Work been keeping me busy and tired to a point that I seldom on my laptop when I got home…wahahaha… Brain dead after thinking of all the social media posts for clients :p Sorry, I shall be more consistent in the coming year…

Nothing major this year for me…

  • Not picking up smoking since I quitted in 2012.
  • Work been busy
  • Gotten my Google Adwords Certification
  • Status Quo…sigh…

What I planned for 2015? Wahaha…always wished that I can stick to my checklist but well, hardly achieved everything. It’s a challenge, but I still would like to keep a list and review…wahahaha…

  • Exercise regularly, I wanna lose weight
  • Hoping to change our status or at least something close 😛
  • Must manage my time properly
  • Grab opportunites 😀

I shall not be greedy, he he he…keep to these first. So, what’s your goals for 2015?

As we bid goodbye to 2014, I’d like to wish you a happy, brand new, fruitful 2015!




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