Zuo Ji (Cheok Kee) Duck Rice at Upper Thomson Road

Time flies, another Sunday went by and it’s Tuesday now. As usual, Sundays were supposed to be a work-out day for us. Before going to the gym, we went to have Braised Duck Rice for lunch. Yum Yum! When people talk about Cheok Kee Duck Rice (作记), chances are they will be talking about the main stall in Macpherson or the branch in East Coast. When people talk about food […]

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People I met during MRT rides in Singapore

Train rides in Singapore

Into the 2nd week of my new job, trying to cope as there are some new areas besides those that I did previously. Lotsa of “googling” to learn more about the information, tips, guides, etc, anything related to media ads :p  The new workplace is located at Chinatown, which is 13 train stops away from my place. Oh my, no direct bus and it will be a long […]

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A recap of 2012, looking forward to 2013

Happy New Year

Time flies, really couldn’t believe that 2012 is almost over. Oh my…where’s my 2012, what have I done? It’s New Year’s Eve today, any plans for countdown later? I don’t think we will be going out, we are staying at home to welcome 2013. Avoid the crowd :p While he’s thinking of what to have for dinner, I am here doing a recap of 2012. Hm…don’t feel like […]

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Are you a responsible road user?

Drive Safely

I’m so sorry, this might be a long post. Just wanna note down my encounter with a Blue Honda Jazz yesterday evening after work. To be honest, I am so tempted to put his car plate number here to let everyone knows about it, but that doesn’t seems nice. He definitely is not a new driver as he doesn’t have any “P” plate on the car. I was […]

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Bloated Stomach

Was searching online for articles or remedies to ease Bloated Stomach, very uncomfortable feeling that the stomach is full.  Not sure why I kept having it, and based on the articles, some of the activities/food will cause bloating, eg: Overeating Lactose Intolerance Constipation Lack of water Some food, eg. Cauliflower, Brocolli, Cabbage, pasta & carbo, etc Swallowing too much air, sometimes can be caused by talking while eating, […]

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Not productive today.  Am having a bad sore throat, even swallowing water is painful.  I definitely going to buy Cooling Tea tonight.  Took Panadol for the time being to ease the feverish feeling…  Weather been temperamental lately too…cold and hot, cold and hot…  Sigh…how I wish it’s cloudy & windy everyday… Happen to bump into some drinks for treating cold…  Honey & Ginger…  Used to have Coke & […]

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Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night.  Here’s how it goes… We were window shopping and suddenly I felt something dripping out.  Gosh, it’s blood!  Seems like I’m losing the baby.  We both touched my tummy saying “baby, is ok, you’re safe…”.  Reached hospital and checked, it’s really ok.  We were both happy and relieved that the baby is ok… And I woke up… In real life, I’m not […]

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