Sorry for the long break…


Sorry for the long break after CNY. Work been busy, mood been shitty, body been weak. Haven’t lose much weight though…wahahahha…3kg in 2 weeks… Haven’t been eating well after fever, been vomiting what I ate. Hm…don’t think it’s Anorexia… I’m slowly eating back again but in smaller portions… Hoping not to regain full appetite, wahahaha…I wanna lose weight 😛

We didn’t take leave on Valentine’s day, both gotta work on projects. Had a simple dinner at Frienzie Bistro (Punggol Promenade) and went home for a rest before he left for work at 10pm… Didn’t know that we could make reservations on Friday. He called them once to make a reservation for 10, but the staff told him no reservations on Fridays and weekends…well well… Reached at 8 (fashionably late as usual, he he he) and he’s already in the queue since 745pm. Seated at around 815pm, luckily didn’t have to wait for long… He he he…ordered our usual spaghetti (Carbonara for him and Seafood Marinara for myself), Chicken Wings and Desserts!!! He he he…

Frienzie Bistro - Chicken WingsA must order every time

Frienzie Bistro - DessertBrownie with heart shape macaroon

Went to JL’s place for gathering last weekend as we’ve been wanting to see Latte for a long time…he he he… Latte – her Japanese Spitz, very cute dog with many expressions and will go near to those with food…wahahahha…

Latte The Japanese Spitz
And!!!! I will be going to HK from 4Mar – 10Mar. He he he… A friend informed me of some a very good price from Scoot and so we go! He he he…wondering what to do, where to go, what to eat this trip. He he he…definitely will be going to my favorite Ming Kee Restaurant in Causeway Bay!!! Boyfriend is on reservist for 2 weeks until 4Mar and having his exam on 7Mar, that’s why he’s not going… Then again, to go without him at this time… sigh… OH OH, I WANNA GO DISNEY TOO!!!

Planning my Itinerary now! Shall share it with you again…


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