Zuo Ji (Cheok Kee) Duck Rice at Upper Thomson Road

Time flies, another Sunday went by and it’s Tuesday now. As usual, Sundays were supposed to be a work-out day for us. Before going to the gym, we went to have Braised Duck Rice for lunch. Yum Yum! When people talk about Cheok Kee Duck Rice (作记), chances are they will be talking about the main stall in Macpherson or the branch in East Coast. When people talk about food along Upper Thomson Road (near Ngee Soon), chances are they might be talking about the famous Ampang Yong Tou Foo located at 928 Upper Thomson Road.

So, what’s the link between the two? There’s a branch of 作记 Duck Rice located at 930 Upper Thomson Road, and that’s J’s dad’s Duck Rice stall. You would probably have seen the stall while eating from the Ampang Yong Tou Foo next door but yet to try it. You should try, especially their Claypot Curry Fish Head. *Drool*

I only managed to dine there for about 5 times :p H & I hardly go there on our own, especially without J. Moreover, we usually go there in a group, together with J. I didn’t join them the last time was because my GZ’s colleague was in town and we brought him to ECP. Anyways, here’s what the 3 of us had:

Duck of course!
I think most important of all, the gravy is great! Thick, yet not salty and full of flavor

Zuo Ji Duck Rice - Duck, Beancurd & Egg
Zuo Ji Duck Rice – Duck, Beancurd, Egg

Yummy Claypot Curry Fish Head
I’m sorry, the photo didn’t really turn out well. I’m always a fan of the Claypot Curry Fish Head. It’s not too spicy and there’s a bit of sour taste, which is pretty appetizing. Fish is fresh definitely and we finished everything :p

Zui Ji Duck Rice - Claypot Curry Fish Head
Zui Ji Duck Rice – Claypot Curry Fish Head

Oh, they even appeared on Newspaper:

Zuo Ji Duck Rice - Newspaper Clipping
Zuo Ji Duck Rice – Newspaper Clipping

Check out the duck on the signboard. Cute, isn’t it?

Zuo Ji Duck Rice
Zuo Ji Duck Rice

Try it next time!

930 Upper Thomson Rd
Singapore 787122


Anyways, I didn’t join them for the gym this week, because I’m still recovering from my high fever saga last week. Was hit by flu/cold/fever bug (I’m not sure) and temperature was going up and down for few days. Sigh…think the last time was in October? Oh my…is there any prevention steps or stuffs to prevent getting the bug so often? I know I’m going to fall sick when I sneeze a lot, especially when temperature changes, eg. when I go outdoors from air-conditioned environment. Crazy right? I thought I’m recovering especially on medical leave, but I sneezed again these 2 days…oh my…please don’t come back again… I just started my new job and I don’t wish to take so many medical leave during probation period.

I thought I’ve recovered, but NO! I’m beginning to feel feverish, bodyache again…OMG! Whatever bug it is, please don’t come back again. Medical fees have been expensive lately, I’ve already spent almost S$70 last week.

– ♥ –

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