Re-visited Ah Dong Teh House at @Punggol Promenade

Went to Ah Dong Teh House for the first time in November last year. They were using their soft launch menu then. A complete menu was launched in Jan 2013. Curious about what their complete menu has, I suggested to have dinner there yesterday.

We stood at the entrance for like quite a while, staffs walked in and out. Not sure if we should continue standing there, ask for assistance or just wait. One lady came, greeted and brought us to our seat. I then noticed that she seems to be the only one greeting customers when they have a total of 5 ground staffs.

Ah Dong Teh House - menu
Ah Dong Teh House – menu
Ah Dong Teh House - Writeup
Ah Dong Teh House – Writeup

First page was a brief writeup about the Ah Dong. Was browsing through, couldn’t remember what’s there previously and what’s not. We wanted Curry Chicken Noodle, Curry Chicken Baked Rice, but was told they don’t have Curry Chicken. But after that, we saw some customers ordered later than us with Curry Chicken served… Anyways… we ordered 2 mains and 2 sides

Sorry that the photos didn’t turn out well, not sure why there’s the black faint lines…

Ah Dong Teh House - Our DInner
Ah Dong Teh House – Our DInner

Carrot cake in XO sauce
Hm… don’t know how to explain. XO sauce tasted like the chilli I had in the Braised Duck rice in the morning. No carrot cake taste and there’s pieces of luncheon meat (which I don’t mind, maybe it’s their signature style).
– $7.90

Mac & Cheese
Perhaps the smell is too strong for me. Not the usual Mac & Cheese I’ve eaten. Personally, I’d prefer KFC’s Cheese fries to this dish.
– $7.90

Fish ‘N’ Cheez
We were both kinda turn off with the presentation. I guess couldn’t ask for too much but even Hungry Jack in Punggol Plaza’s foodcourt has better presentation. The image above shows how it looks like when it landed on our table, we did not touch it. The Cheese looks lumpy and we couldn’t figure out what’s the stain at the side of the plate.
– $10.90

Seafood Marinara
He he he…I’ve eaten worst, so this is alright. But it does taste a bit like his parent’s version, where they used those ready made pasta sauce. Erm…seafood is fresh (fish, squids, prawns) and they are definitely not stingy with the quantity.
– $13.90

While I was queuing at the counter to pay, I overheard the manager/supervisor asking the cashier to give the guy behind me a 50% discount (I’m not sure if I heard it wrongly, maybe it’s just 15%). Reason was because the family waited for 45mins and the food didn’t come. After checking, the staffs then realise that the order was not keyed into the system. The manager/supervisor was quite apologetic, thanking the customer for his understanding/patience. He added “sometimes, we are under staff and tired. We are still learning and will treat this as a lesson”.

Under-staff, busy and cannot cope probably ok, but “we are tired” kinda weird to be in the explanation. Guess I shouldn’t pinpoint too much on this, but this is the first time I’m hearing this. Hm…

Despite being a casual dining, HK style restaurant, I kept hearing staffs saying “Welcome” in Japanese. -_-“‘ First thought was “Kinda off, no link”.

The above are just our personal opinion, you may find it otherwise. Of course, there are some customers who love their food. So, I guess you have to check them out yourself.



Ah Dong Tea Restaurant
10 Tebing Lane
#01-03/04, Singapore 828849

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