A day through my lens – Fruit Infused Water


First attempt of making my own Fruit Infused Water. Came across several infused water recipes and seems like it’s healthy and helps in weight loss. DING DING – WEIGHT LOSS???!! Wahahaha… Not sure if it will really help in weight loss, but I’m sure it will taste better than just drinking water and definitely healthier than sugary/soda drinks 😛 My first attempt consists of Apple + Orange. Hm…didn’t […]

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My New Snack


I love celery. I will usually stir-fry them with meat. Boyfriend not a fan of celery, so seldom cook them now. I never tried them raw…or rather I dare not tried. Think the veg taste is too strong :p A colleague shared this new way of eating celery raw and I got hooked (well, it’s new to me at least). Celery with Peanut Butter. I didn’t know there’s […]

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Zuo Ji (Cheok Kee) Duck Rice at Upper Thomson Road

Time flies, another Sunday went by and it’s Tuesday now. As usual, Sundays were supposed to be a work-out day for us. Before going to the gym, we went to have Braised Duck Rice for lunch. Yum Yum! When people talk about Cheok Kee Duck Rice (作记), chances are they will be talking about the main stall in Macpherson or the branch in East Coast. When people talk about food […]

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Bloated Stomach

Was searching online for articles or remedies to ease Bloated Stomach, very uncomfortable feeling that the stomach is full.  Not sure why I kept having it, and based on the articles, some of the activities/food will cause bloating, eg: Overeating Lactose Intolerance Constipation Lack of water Some food, eg. Cauliflower, Brocolli, Cabbage, pasta & carbo, etc Swallowing too much air, sometimes can be caused by talking while eating, […]

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