Chinese Birthday

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Forgotten when it started but since young, Granny will prepare 猪肝鸡蛋面线 (Pork Liver & Egg vermicelli) on my Chinese birthday. Well, since she’s longer around, I’ll still make it a point to look for Pork Liver & Egg vermicelli on this day. Sigh, but I didn’t realise that the 1st day falls on 7th August until I saw people prepared offerings on the 6th. This is my make do 猪肝鸡蛋面线…sigh…quite disappointed that he forgotten about my Lunar Birthday!

Lunar Birthday

My lunar birthday falls on the 1st day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. In the Chinese culture, 7th month of the lunar calendar is also known as Hungry Ghost Festival. So, it’s not possible that he will not remember!


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