Random in June


Just checked, the date of my last post is 21 May. Not sure where the time gone to, but I didn’t realise that I haven’t been posting for almost a month. There’s a week which I simply didn’t feel like turning on my laptop to do any typing when I’m at home, just don’t wanna face the screen at home. Guess brain cells been used up especially when […]

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Another week…

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Oh my, another week gone…and guess what, we are already in May 2014. Oh man…2nd month of the 2nd quarter of the year. Can’t time slow down? Kinda scary as the days went by without noticing it. Sigh…still nothing been done… As usual, work been busy, nothing new… Never had enough time…wahahaha… And am having fever again, URGH! I’m not sure if it’s my wisdom tooth or what […]

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Brain Blocked

Cover_No Idea

Being a Digital Media Planner, I will plan and create the digital media strategies including Digital Display Media, Social Media Engagements or Search strategies for clients. Leaving my previous Account Servicing role was to get involved in Media Planning and strategizing role. Slightly different from what I expected but I certainly do enjoy what I’m doing even some are beyond my scope. On top of the planning and […]

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It’s Monday :)

Time flies last week, or should I say every week?  Seems like flashing by and it’s Monday again…  Since, I couldn’t avoid that it’s Monday, so why not face it!  Anyways, it will soon be Monday again 😛  Oh, guess I’m getting old…ha ha ha… Stuffs I did last week: »  Projects, Quotations, Proposals @ Work… »  Mask x 2 nights (My Scheming Mask and the one JL […]

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Wow, it’s been quite some time since I update my blog.  Schedule has been hectic, work is crazy 🙁  Been busy doing the websites UAT, bits and pieces here and there.  Finally, feel like facing my laptop at home.  Usually, I’ll just shower, lie in bed and play with my mobile phone after a long day at work.  Don’t feel like looking at the screen again… He’s out […]

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