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Marina Bay

Out on both Wednesday & Thursday.  I guess I shall separate them into 2 posts, or else it will be too long.

Planned to have Steamboat dinner on Wednesday, but because it’s month end, so budget constraints 😛  We went for drinks instead… 😛

Jan, JL, Y and I went to Sauce after work for drinks, because they have S$5 nett all night for a bottle of Asahi.  Forgot to check the price for the rest of the beer.  Sauce, located at Esplanade Mall overseeing the waterfront view at Marina Bay.  The view is great especially at night.  There are both Indoor and outdoor seats.  Outdoor seating is something like a courtyard or garden style with green grass carpet (not sure the actual name), with couches, stools, standees, very cozy looking.   Went there before, and their finger food was yummy!

However, I was quite disappointed when we reach there.  The staff greeted us and we’ve asked for a smoking table…but she asked Waiter A to check with Waiter B because the smoke area was under Waiter B’s care.  Not sure where Waiter A went to, we end up standing there for a while.  We asked Waiter C if there’s a smoking table…not sure where he went too.  It’s really getting too long…we sat down at some couch seats which is good enough for a group of 6 or 8.  We don’t intend to move our butts of course…  And someone came with Menu…so we sat there all night long, which was not too bad…  It’s just the initial wait that got on our nerves…TOO LONG and we gotta get ourselves a table.

Of course, Asahi was on the order list.  We ordered other finger foods like Lunch Meat Chips (S$8), Crispy Mid Wings (S$10), Banger and Mash, Fish Bites, Fries with Truffle Oil…  Wooo…yummy yummy…and though they are just finger food, it’s still very filling after that.

» Lunch Meat Chips
I love their their signature Lunch Meat Chips, it goes very well with beer.  Thinly sliced luncheon meat and deep fried till crisp, as if you are eating potato chips.  It is definitely in my “Must Order” list.

» Crispy Mid Wings
Another of my favorite.  The mid-section cut into half and deep fry (but it’s small though, because it’s cut into half, but still yummy….)

» Banger and Mash
Quite alright with Garlic Pork Sausage 🙂

» Fish Bites
Drizzled with Bonito Flakes and not sure what sauce.  I think it will be nice if it comes with Wasabi Mayonaise 😀

» Fries with Truffle Oil
Chunky fries with White Truffle Oil (white, I think)…but not one of my favorite

Despite the unpleasant experience while waiting for seats, I’ll still come here to chill with friends.

Here’s the pic:

Our Orders @ Sauce

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

Sauce @ Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall
#01-10/12, Singapore 039802
Tel: 6837 2959

Operating Hours
Sun – Thur: 5pm – 1am
Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holidays: 5pm – 2am


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