A new found Taipei Café in Bugis

Taipei Cafe

BL went to this Taipei Café in Bugis over the weekend and was sharing with us about the food.  Being a Taiwan Lover, she said that the place serves nice local Taiwan dishes and the crews are from Taiwan. I also saw their deals in some deals website. We decided to give it a try during lunch on Tuesday, despite the 10mins walk from our office under the […]

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It’s Monday :)

Time flies last week, or should I say every week?  Seems like flashing by and it’s Monday again…  Since, I couldn’t avoid that it’s Monday, so why not face it!  Anyways, it will soon be Monday again 😛  Oh, guess I’m getting old…ha ha ha… Stuffs I did last week: »  Projects, Quotations, Proposals @ Work… »  Mask x 2 nights (My Scheming Mask and the one JL […]

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Roaming Around

Left home @ 4plus after watching The Dog Whisperer.  First stop of the day – Sim Lim Complex.  Went there to get his tablet. Well, we didn’t go for branded tablets, like Tab, iPad, etc.  Seriously, I don’t wanna spend that amount of money to buy a White Elephant home.  I’d rather pay 200+ for something which works just fine, achieve what he wanted 😛  Well, I may […]

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