Online Shopping on Taobao through 65Daigou


A friend is getting married in March 2014 and wanted some red packets from Taobao (淘宝网), according to his wifey designs are nicer and cheaper, about S$0.10 each. He knows I have been shopping regularly on Taobao, so asked me to place orders for him. I enjoyed shopping on Taobao because it’s cheap and you can find almost everything there, ranging from household items, stationaries, beauty products, apparels, […]

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The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

The Tiramisu Hero_Cover

After the yummy brunch last Saturday, a sudden thought while drinking coffee at PS Cafe Petit… “Hey, why don’t we go to The Tiramisu Hero”? Ha ha ha…the food still in the tummy, but definitely has room for desserts especially Tiramisu! Ha ha ha… So! We hopped into E’s car and arrived at The Tiramisu Hero…finally, after so long since their opening… You will noticed the cafe easily […]

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Birthday Buffet Dinner at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

Greenhouse Buffet at The Ritz Carlton

He he he…it’s the time of the year again…Same time last year, we had buffet at Carousel. This time, boyfriend’s mama arranged a buffet at Greenhouuse – Ritz Carlton yesterday, with his dad, herself, her cousin & boyfriend and us. Perhaps it’s near the year end festive season, lotsa companies had their gathering/company dinner there as well. Saw my friend there too… We were seated at a dim […]

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18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013

18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013 (image source from

A colleague gave me a pair of complimentary tickets to the 18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013. Messaged boyfriend immediately and luckily he’s ok to go…he he he… Went to the facebook page to have a look as I was curios about the guest list. WOW!!! I am jumping with joy because 張智霖 (Chilam), 何韻詩 (HOCC), Karen Mok, Olivia Ong, etc, are in the guests list. Oh man! I […]

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Help a child smile today – I’M IN, you?

Nescafe Pledge for Operation Smile

Saw this post in my facebook feeds by Nescafé Singapore, asking you to join them in creating more smiles 😀 It is very simple and won’t take much of your time. Just choose 1 out of the 3 banners and and their Facebook app will place it in your Facebook Cover Pic. Easy, isn’t it? For every pledge made, they will then donate $1 to Operation Smile. Here’s […]

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Dinner at Ikea (Alexandra)

Dinner at Ikea

Need to get some items for my room and so JL and I went to Ikea for some shopping last Tuesday. Bought quilt cover, floor mat, a mug (I find it very nice, but JL said it looks like flower pot. So sad), a photo frame, 2 covers for my Toyogo box, a Towel. Since we were there, how can we not have dinner at the  Ikea Restaurant? […]

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Dim Sum Lunch at Luk Yu (Chinatown Point)

Luk Yu Teahouse

Met missy for lunch before her Maternity leave ends. Saw the baby’s photo on her facebook, cute and looks like daddy. Thinking of what to eat for lunch in Chinatown can be tough. There’s way too many choices. Walked pass Luk Yu at times but didn’t get to visit this place. While thinking of what to eat, I read some reviews and their pictures looks nice. So, I […]

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Long Weekend – August 2013

Long Weekend

Sorry, this is going to be a long post of highlights of my activities over the long weekend last week… Happened that a friend was in town last week, else I think I would have stayed at home throughout the weekend. Ha ha ha…yes, I’m lazy, but it definitely will be crowded everywhere. It has been more than 6 or 7 yrs since his last trip to Singapore, […]

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Stray dogs in Singapore

Stray Dogs in Singapore

Into 2nd month of my stay in the new place, everything is alright, owner & family are pretty easy going. However, minor renovation is still going on. Not that it caused lotsa inconvenience, but just couldn’t believe that they took so long. The contractor said we can move in by end of June. It’s already beginning of August and kitchen works still not done. It’s been a month and they […]

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