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After the yummy brunch last Saturday, a sudden thought while drinking coffee at PS Cafe Petit… “Hey, why don’t we go to The Tiramisu Hero”? Ha ha ha…the food still in the tummy, but definitely has room for desserts especially Tiramisu! Ha ha ha… So! We hopped into E’s car and arrived at The Tiramisu Hero…finally, after so long since their opening…

You will noticed the cafe easily with the nice signboard and the grass patch outside. There’s 2 or 3 tables outside, should be pretty comfortable feels sitting at the porch, sipping coffee enjoying the greenery outside (too bad, not much of greenery at Tyrwhitt Road and minus the CO2 from cars but still cozy enough for me)…

I have been following The Tiramisu Hero’s instagram account, so I knew about the doodles, the decorations, etc. But couldn’t help but still very amazed by them the moment I stepped into the cafe. There’s doodles on the wall, ceiling, and the upside-down ladders, the colorful balls hanging down from the ceiling in the toilet…nice nice!!! The team must have spent lotsa effort in doing up the place! I’m sure there’s many pretty pictures circulating online about the place by now…

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

And of course, the legendary Sir Antonio’s head…

Sir Antonio Head

Sorry to say that the brunch is still in the tummy, we only ordered Macaroni & Cheese and 2 Tiramisu for sharing. I will definitely visit again to try other dishes…

Jayne Mac & Cheese – $8.90
I only had a few bites, wish I could have more but it’s too cheesy for me. Boyfriend will like this.

Mac & Cheese

MommaHero – $7.50
We ordered the Original and the Lemon Lavender mommahero. Original with a bit of cocoa powder (I think so, please correct me if I’m wrong) sprinkle on top whereas Lemon Lavender had none. But the sweetness level is perfect for me, not sweet. YUM YUM! Bought some back for boyfriend for desserts after dinner later that night…he he he…


Shared the pics with boyfriend and I wanna go back again!!

you should know by now, boyfriend seldom wake up early for brunch on weekdays, that’s why he didn’t join us today…wahahaha


The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548
Tel: (65) 6292 5271
Twitter: @TheTiramisuHero
Instagram: @TheTiramisuHero

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am – 10pm (Closed on Wednesdays)


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