Birthday Buffet Dinner at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

Greenhouse Buffet at The Ritz Carlton

He he he…it’s the time of the year again…Same time last year, we had buffet at Carousel. This time, boyfriend’s mama arranged a buffet at Greenhouuse – Ritz Carlton yesterday, with his dad, herself, her cousin & boyfriend and us. Perhaps it’s near the year end festive season, lotsa companies had their gathering/company dinner there as well. Saw my friend there too… We were seated at a dim corner…couldn’t take much pictures of my food. Here’s 2 that look presentable :p

Buffet at Greenhouse (The Ritz Carlton Hotel)

Ice Cream selection

Sorry, some were really too dark and some over exposed…ha ha ha…I have been saying this but think still no improvements yet, ie. NEED TO BRUSH UP MY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS…wahahaha… I saw others’ pictures of the buffet stations were really nice… But I dare not stand there for too long to take the pictures…wahahaha…

There’s quite a number of stations with a mixture of Asian and Western dishes:

Salad Bar
Japanese Selection – Tuna, Salmon, Sushi Rolls, Cold Soba Noodles, Chawanmushi
Seafood on Ice – Prawns, Clams, Mud Crabs, Oysters (didn’t see Mussels, sad…)
Soup (a cream soup & black chicken soup…)
Cheese station
Selections of Charcuterie
Roast Beef & Chicken
Western Hot Selections
Asian Hot Selections – Chili Crab, Fried Fish in sweet & sour sauce, Mee Goreng, Crab Fried Rice
Indian Selections
Desserts – Tiramisu and more…
Ice Cream – Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry…we had Rum & Raisin, Mango, Strawberyr
Hot Desserts – Bubor Cha Cha (i only saw this).

I’d love to go again…ha ha ha…but it’s quite expensive…

Gotta thank his mama for the treat :p


Greenhouse @ The Ritz Carlton Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Tel: (65) 6434 5288

Opening Hours:
All-day A la carte: 630am – 1030pm
Buffet Lunch: Noon – 230pm
Buffet Dinner: 630pm – 1030pm
Saturday lunch buffet: Noon – 230pm
Sunday vintage champagne brunch: 12pm – 330pm


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