Stray dogs in Singapore

Stray Dogs in Singapore

Into 2nd month of my stay in the new place, everything is alright, owner & family are pretty easy going. However, minor renovation is still going on. Not that it caused lotsa inconvenience, but just couldn’t believe that they took so long. The contractor said we can move in by end of June. It’s already beginning of August and kitchen works still not done. It’s been a month and they are still not done with the kitchen. Choice of renovation contractors is really a challenge. You may source & compare, read reviews from forums, ask for recommendations from friends, etc. But you might not know until they start work and then shit happens. I don’t have experience in choosing renovation contractors. Think those who had their renovation works done smoothly are lucky. Well, in future if need to, I will probably approached his cousin-in-law or friends. Then again, it can be tough engaging those you know, especially I can be very picky at times. Ha ha ha ha…

Oh oh…almost forgot to share. Went home one day from his place, and freaked out when I “met” 4 stray dogs along the way. Well, I like dogs, but I never deal or handle stray dogs before. It was reported in 2011 (he he he…I know it was a long time ago) that a jogger was attacked by a pack of dogs in Punggol. STRESS. I panicked and went to hide on the 2nd storey of one block nearby. 1 was probably alright, but 4 running around was quite stressful for me. It may sound funny that I have to hide away but quite sad that the number of stray/abandoned dogs is increasing in Singapore. Some were abused, injured, etc. It was even reported that dogs were killed for food. GROSS right!!

I’m ashamed that I actually hide away – according to several dog rescue volunteers, the dogs are actually very friendly and very intelligent.

AVA (Agri-Good & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) catches them in response to complaints. I happened to bump into Dr Siew’s Facebook page one day, only then I get to know that he’s heading SOSD (Save our Street Dogs) and has been rescuing stray dogs. Not only him, there are a lot more volunteers from several Animal Welfare Groups going around to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these dogs. Resources & expenses been stretched but that didn’t stop them. They are committed to save as much as they could, give these dogs a chance to live and be loved. Just google and you will find a number of other groups, eg. ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs), Hope Dog Rescue, etc. They rescued lotsa dogs, re-homed them and there are still many waiting to be adopted.

Well, if you are thinking of keeping a dog, maybe should consider in adopting one instead of buying one. And if you are really getting a dog, please bear in mind that it is a lifetime commitment. It is not a present to be given to someone nor it is for fun. Adopt ONLY when you are sure you can take care of them for life. And of course, not forgetting, little help or donation makes a big difference. Check out their wish lists, adoption drives, or be a volunteer today.

I hope I can overcome my fears soon. Hm…I wonder if I can find any guide to handle stray dogs….or follow what Cesar Millan says “no touch, no talk, no eye contact…


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