Dinner at Ikea (Alexandra)

Dinner at Ikea

Need to get some items for my room and so JL and I went to Ikea for some shopping last Tuesday. Bought quilt cover, floor mat, a mug (I find it very nice, but JL said it looks like flower pot. So sad), a photo frame, 2 covers for my Toyogo box, a Towel.

Since we were there, how can we not have dinner at the  Ikea Restaurant? The chicken wings definitely in my must-haves list. She ordered Baked Chicken Leg, I ordered Swedish Meatballs and the Chicken Wings for sharing. Yum Yum!!!

Ikea Dinner

Another item in my must-have list. At set like this is only $1.50. Yum Yum!!

Ikea Hotdog


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