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A friend is getting married in March 2014 and wanted some red packets from Taobao (淘宝网), according to his wifey designs are nicer and cheaper, about S$0.10 each. He knows I have been shopping regularly on Taobao, so asked me to place orders for him. I enjoyed shopping on Taobao because it’s cheap and you can find almost everything there, ranging from household items, stationaries, beauty products, apparels, shoes, bags, spectacles, furnitures, mobile accessories, electronic goods, cars accessories, paintings, etc etc. You can even find some of the clothes in Bugis Street, Blogshops, etc, here. Boyfriend and I can spend hours scrolling and scrolling through the items…ha ha ha…

I first started buying stuffs from Taobao was through a Taobao service agent in Singapore – 65Daigou. It’s totally fuss free especially when there are so many sellers, I cannot imagine how to arrange the orders & shipment, liaise with the sellers all by myself. And moreover, it’s all in chinese…wahahahha… So with the agent, all you need to do is to search for the items you want, copy and paste the URL into the form, fill in the size, quantity, color and other remarks, make first & second payment and wait for your items. You will also be notified via email when there’s any items requiring your remarks/feedbacks. Easy ya! They do charge an agent fee of 8%, 6% or 4%. He he he…since my friends and I shopped alot, so right now we are only paying 4%…he eh he… I believed you should be very familiar with them already, I don’t have to go into details on how to order…

Lately, Taobao launched the South East Asia site and available in several languages, which is easier for us and you can even choose to pay through DBS bank for Singapore Users. Not sure if you still need the Aliwangwang account. I have yet to purchase items directly from Taobao, shall try someday.

My friend’s red packets have arrived in Singapore after a week or so. All these years, 65Daigou actually did pretty well, more warehouses, pickup locations, services & speed improved, website usability improved, etc. You can now login to your account and keep track of the status of your items, eg. Order Placed, Items Reached Warehouse, Out for Shipment, Arrange Delivery, etc. Last time, you can only ship the items from Shanghai, right now you can choose between Shanghai or Guangzhou. They even have a mobile app too! Really shopping on the move. Oh Oh, now you can even purchase items from Taiwan or USA and they will ship them to Singapore for you! THUMBS UP!

I used to arrange for home delivery but since the items are not heavy, I arranged to pick them up from the collection point which is just across the street. The truck arrived at 830pm sharp and there’s already a crowd waiting… Surprised, so many people purchase items through them. Erm…no light in the truck, so the guys actually took a while to search for my bag. They asked for my userid and tried to search for my items in the big pile of bags… That took quite sometime… I think they can sort the bags in alphabetical order and placed them in boxes for the respective alphabets, eg. Box A for A – F; Box B for G – K and so on…should be easier. Anyways, I didn’t have to wait very long, so doesn’t matter also.

Here’s my friend’s wedding stickers and red packets…I bought 5 too…thought it will be nicer to give red packets with 囍 rather than using general CNY red packets for wedding dinners…wahahaha…
Shopping on Taobao

Thinking of my next order…he he he…happie shopping!

This is not a sponsored post, just me enjoying my online shopping moments :p


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  1. Hi! Could you advise how to order the shuangxi angbaos?
    Am interested in the small pink and gold ones.. how much do they cost and err… how didya order them?

    1. Hi SiYing,

      My apologies for the late reply.
      I ordered through 65Daigou
      They are a Taobao agent in Singapore, meaning you can order anything from Taobao through them. Of course subject to customs rules & regulations.

      After you’ve created an account there, you can start purchasing the angbaos.
      Here’s the link to the angbaos I’ve bought:

      Or you can go to and search “双喜红包袋” for more designs.

      Let me know if you face any problems.


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