Almost half into 2015


I have been neglecting my blog for the longest time so far… Indeed, it’s time to seek some work-life balance. Not that I do work at home all the time, but I still do sometimes, especially when I couldn’t find time during office hours to write new social media posts for clients. Hence, I have to do it over the weekends. So while working on new posts ideas and usually was drained after writing their posts, I hardly touch my blog now. I will try to keep up… Simply wonder how did those professional Social Media Managers or Writers got so many interesting things to write… Is there any course for it? Oh! There’s a new colleague this month on part-time basis, who helped me to write contents for a client’s Facebook page. She finished 3 weeks posts within a day… I thought that was very fast. Shall get some tips from her. He he he…

With the work load on weekdays, boyfriend and I just feel like lazing around at home on weekends 😀 One day, for no reason, he suggested to go out and get 2 scooters, so we can go scooting around Punggol. Wahaha…I guess he wants me to exercise, cos I’m like getting fatter and fatter :p We bought our scooters at $79.90 each (if I remember correctly, one of the cheaper ones during the time we bought) from a dealer we saw on Qoo10. The shop is just near Sim Lim Square. There’s more promotions in Qoo10 now, so the scooters are much cheaper now.

Our ScootersOur Scooters

Watched some “How-To” YouTube Videos, went for a trial downstairs. Quite scary for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not as scary. After a few tries, we went to scoot along Punggol Promenade.

Explore and discover the treasures around Punggol: its natural beauty, eco-features and attractive routes for cycling, jogging and photography – HDB

There’s 3 routes recommended. They are:

  • Discover Route – 3km covering key highlights of the waterway (Heritage Zone > Heartwave Wall > Waterway Town Park > Watersports Promenade)
  • Rustic Route – 3km (Sunrise Gateway > Sunrise Bridge > Wave Bridge > Sunrise Gateway)
  • Explorer Route – 8.4km route covering the whole waterway

I think the first time we took the Rustic Route, remembered seeing the Sunrise Bridge. 2nd time was very much more adventurous and exhausting (to me :p). We scoot along Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk to Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to Punggol Settlement and stopped at Punggol Marina Country Club for dinner. Drained… But quite a good workout though… Except that the route is very quiet at night, better to ride/jog in a group.

Punggol PromenadeWe scoot along the blue dots…almost collapsed.

And also, with the park connector, we are connected to other parks easily, eg Sengkang Riverside Park, Buangkok Park, etc. You can find out more from National Parks or download the North-Eastern-Riverine-Loop here.

Here’s some of the photos I took along the way (using my mobile phone):

Punggol Promenade

It’s becoming our weekly activity of scooting around. Loving it! I think we haven’t cover all parts of the park and bridges.


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