Chill Out

Went to Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar today for a short drink with H and friends.  Besides drinks, cocktails, they serve food too.  Well, food is not great, but definitely above average, especially with the fact that it’s the most decent chill out place in Punggol.  Nice ambience with both indoor and outdoor seatings, overlooking small hill and river Sungei Punggol situated in Punggol Waterway.  Besides chilling out, you can have a slow stroll.  I think should have a walk at the Punggol Waterway soon!

I love their Buffalo Wings, Crispy Wings, Sotong Balls (deep fried cuttlefish balls), Brownies, etc.  Realised that my phone with night mode actually takes nice photographs, and was testing that.  I’m quite surprised that the picture turned out this way.  Should explore my phone’s camera regularly.

Frenzie's Sotong Ball

Directions to Frenzie can be tough, because it’s not by the road side.  Besides, I’m very bad in giving directions, often got lost 😛  All I can say that it’s behind this plant nursery along Punggol East Road.

Overall:  ♥♥♥♥♥

Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar:
10 Tebing Lane
#01-02, Singapore 828849
Tel:  +65 6441 0393
Mon – Sun: 5pm – 1am

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