New Dining Experience – Yoshinoya

The long awaited Tim Ho Wan is finally here, opening the 1st branch at The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura yesterday! Since am meeting JL last night, so I suggested to try our luck there. He he he… Well, as expected, the queue was indeed scary and not moving as fast… There’s sign indicated the estimate waiting time and the queue went all the way outside… If we were […]

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Dian Xiao Er at Tampines 1

Back to Gym on Sunday again…guess this will be the weekly routine now. I called the gym at 1130am trying to book for the Hot Yoga lessons, unfortunately it’s fully booked. Oh man, the class starts at 230pm and it’s fully booked at the time I called? So sad… I did others instead, a while on the treadmill, a while on the stepper, a while on the cycling machine, […]

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JPOT at Tampines 1

JPOT Tampines1

Signed up for a year’s membership with True Fitness (Tampines Branch) and went the first session last sunday with the group. To my surprise, he actually suggested to sign up for that. So did T, J and K. Well, it’s better go go gym than drinking, healthy activity afterall. True Fitness AMK branch will be opened in June this year…so maybe we may switch from Tampines to AMK, since […]

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38 Dinner at Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura


Yes, I’m back at Itacho Sushi for dinner again. Wah, think the last time I was here was February last year. Oh my, it’s been a long time. This time with the gang, having dinner on 8 Mar 2013 (International Women’s Day aka 3 8 妇女节). We had a great time catching up, chatting :p Too bad, T couldn’t make it. Hopefully she will join us again soon…after […]

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Prawning @Punggol

Prawning in Punggol

We went to prawn-fishing aka prawning at Hai Bin @Punggol after the less-than satisfactory dinner on Friday. Since it’s near home, he and I went home to put our stuffs before joining them there. It’s always very crowded (mostly young crowds) when we walked pass, rarely get a chance to prawn. Luckily they managed to get seats. Quite fun, but really gotta be patient, quite torturing for me. […]

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Cafe Indulge – Indulging or not

Cafe Indulge

Went to The Cathay on friday after work to meet him and M as they were in that area to get Polo T from M’s brother; M wanted to get his new Note 2 too, but it’s out of stock. There aren’t much choices of food in The Cathay, there’s Maki-San (something I would wanna try real soon), Popeye, Nihon Mura, Astons Specialties, Billy Bombers, The Cathay Restaurant, […]

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First Korean BBQ Experience

Korean bbq

Was told that we bought a deal from for some Korean BBQ last week, and finally managed to arrange to go on Thursday when 6 of us were available.  The discount was up to 48% off BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat 2-in-1 Buffet. First time trying Korean BBQ. First thought was not bad, nice air-con environment with bbq & steamboat combination. The chairs are actually round […]

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The HandBurger with great company

Met the gang after work for dinner @ 313 Somerset. There’s wide range of food selections in their 3 dining areas, ie. Discover Walk where Marché Restaurant, Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Absolute Thai, Trattoria Italian Kitchen is; Food Hall on B3 where you can find takeaway foods and casual restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, F.I.S.H, The HandBurger, etc; and lastly Food Court on Level 5 […]

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Light dinner with the Mrs

Pressie from A

Well, because I can be very forgetful sometimes, Missy messaged me on Tuesday night, reminding me about the dinner date yesterday.  Oh my, and I really forgotten all about it.  Luckily, I didn’t make any other arrangements.  A wanna eat something light, so Missy made reservation at Crystal Cafe @ Orchard Grand Court Hotel, for their Taiwan Porridge Buffet.  Sounds good isn’t it, really sounds light.  And I […]

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National Day Celebration at home

It was Singapore’s 47th birthday yesterday, and that’s also a public holiday for us. Like past years, we didn’t get the parade tickets. His mom prepared steamboat feast for his cousins & family and they came over, eat and watch the parade at the same time. We not only have steamboat during Chinese New Year, his mom loves to prepare steamboat whenever there’s a gathering. It is easy […]

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