Gathering Dinner #1

Had dinner @ AMK 香港街珍记 (Hong Kong Street Chun Kee) with his secondary classmates (group 1), a regular yearly CNY activity.  It’s my first time there, and seems like Jas is their regular customer.  Lotsa tables under reservation as most of the companies reserved several tables with them for their mini company dinner.  We managed to … Read More


Went to the farewell dinner @ the 亚秋南华昌鱼头炉 for Tina… Sigh…our one and only developer in Singapore Team is leaving 🙁  The Spongebob lover has been working in NA for 4 years.  Well, I joined later, and only spent about 1yr plus working with her.  She’s very helpful and it was great working with her.  She’s … Read More


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