JPOT at Tampines 1

JPOT Tampines1

Signed up for a year’s membership with True Fitness (Tampines Branch) and went the first session last sunday with the group. To my surprise, he actually suggested to sign up for that.ย So did T, J and K. Well, it’s better go go gym than drinking, healthy activity afterall. True Fitness AMK branch will be opened in June this year…so maybe we may switch from Tampines to AMK, since most of them stayed in AMK and we have direct bus home too.ย Tried the Hot Yoga, quite fun, but very tiring. Never sweat so much before besides roller blading.

Ha ha ha…guess what! We went to have dinner at JPOT (Tampines 1) after the trial session. There goes the exercises I’ve done… This is not our first time dining at JPOT. We went to the one at Vivo City before they opened a branch in in Tampines. It was always long queue when we walked pass. Thankfully, K and GF went to make reservations first. JPOT is a Singapore style hotpot dining from JUMBO group of restaurants. They are not the usual buffet style which we just pay an amount and eat till full. They have several sets for you to choose from and each price differently. May be a little bit pricey, but yummy ๐Ÿ˜€

Was brought to our seat and saw the Ipad Mini. Wow, nowadays, most of the restaurants are using ipad/tablet for food ordering? Less staffs required? It was quite fun and we can actually take our time selecting without having the staff to stand there and wait.

JPOT - Order via ipad
JPOT – placing our orders using ipad

Since there’s 6 of us, we ordered Dinner Set E and additional servings of Mushrooms and luncheon Meat. Here’s what in Set E (Image from JPOT)

JPOT - Dinner Set E
JPOT – Dinner Set E (S$138++)

We chose Tom Yum and JPOT Superior Broth for the soup. Shortly after submitting the orders, the food was served.

JPOT - Set E
JPOT – Set E

Well, to my disappointment, the 2 slices of luncheon meat looks pathetic. And it costs 80 cents. Com’on, how much does a can of Luncheon Meat costs??? I rather not having it than having 2 slices of luncheon meat on the table.

JPOT - Additional Orders
JPOT – Additional Orders

Though the set was for 4 persons, it’s really quite filling for us. We’ve also ordered additional liver, noodles, etc. Oh my…very filling. The trial session really gone down the drain ๐Ÿ™

The Luo Han Longan tea is free flow at S$3.80. Total bill was about S$220+ and I’ve signed up for the JUMBO Rewards Member… He he he…entitled to discounts at their seafood restaurants too. To know more about their rewards, visit their website. Apart from the Luncheon Meat, overall the food & service were alright.

JPOT @ Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1
#03-16, Singapore 529536
Tel: +65 6532 3536

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 10pm


–ย โ™ฅ –

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