Cafe Indulge – Indulging or not

Cafe Indulge

Went to The Cathay on friday after work to meet him and M as they were in that area to get Polo T from M’s brother; M wanted to get his new Note 2 too, but it’s out of stock. There aren’t much choices of food in The Cathay, there’s Maki-San (something I would wanna try real soon), Popeye, Nihon Mura, Astons Specialties, Billy Bombers, The Cathay Restaurant, etc. We went to B2, thought of having Japanese @ Nihon Mura, but per pax is about S$31++. Decided to go for something budget and we saw Cafe Indulge. Menu looks good and there’s 2 promotion menus, ie. A premium set (appetizers, soup, main course, desserts & drink) and Mix & Match.

Cafe Indulge - Menu for Pasta Lover
Menu for Pasta Lover

They don’t have Ribeye, so K & friend ordered Sirloin Set from the main menu. M and I ordered the Mix & Match set (He ordered Crabmeat Pasta while I ordered Sirloin Steak Pasta), he ordered Herb Infused Chicken (topped up with $3.90 to get a complete meal). While waiting for food, we went up to get the Polo T from M’s brother. Came down, K & friend’s steak, M’s pasta were served. Somehow, K & friend’s soup came later than their main course.

In my personal opinion, service & food were below average:

  • They get to choose 2 sides to go along with their steak. Both ordered different doneness. Orders were correctly written and served, but items were mixed up (Sides were correct, steak was wrong).
  • My Sirloin pasta (tomato based) came the last while K & friend and M already finished theirs. The pasta tastes awful (no tomato taste, it has a bit of medicated oil taste though), steak was still acceptable.
  • We have to keep checking with the staffs about the missing items.
  • The Mix & Match set comes with Crab Salad. I asked the staff where is it, she gave me a blur look as if it’s not suppose to be there. She then went off to check, the salad came not long after. Crab Salad taste weird, M told me is one of those frozen crab.
  • The same goes for desserts. We asked for desserts, the staff told us that we have to top up $5 for Lava Cake. Why do we have to top up when the set comes with desserts? And since when we asked for Lava Cake? She kept insisting that we have top up to have the desserts while we insisted that she should go and check. She then came with 2 x single scoop of ice-cream. “Is this the way in getting customers to top up additional $5 for another dessert while the set already comes with one?”

My spaghetti

Cafe Indulge - Sirloin Steak Pasta
Sirloin Steak Pasta

Together with the top-ups for Soup of the day (Cream of Potato), Drinks (their Ice-Lemon tea is very different from other Ice-Lemon tea), total bill was around $100.

Another restaurant added into my “never go back” list :p But there are some good reviews about this place out there. Do check them out.


Cafe Indulge
2 Handy Road, The Cathay
B1-25/26, Singapore 229233
Tel: 6732 3958

Operating Hours:
Sun-Thur: 12nn – 9.30pm
Fri-Sat: 12nn-10.30pm


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